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Bring back the pump fake...PLEASE!

Joe Montana, Steve Young, in days of yore, both 2 of the best QBs in the league during their playing days. Ben Rothlisberger, Peyton, Brady, Brees, Rivers, Palmer...are the best at their positions today, and the first 3 are going to be locks in the HOF. What is they have in common? Watch any series they play, and they all pump fake. Which brings us to alex: crappy OL, no real time, but what if he routinely used a pump fake, even if it was to the guy he was staring down? No question in my mind it would incr his percentage, because good pump fakes usually give the receiver just a second to get open.

Pump fakes work best if you stare at one guy, or two, and then throw to another. It would have to be quick because this OL doesn't give him much, if any time, but i can't believe it wouldn't help him break his bad habit of staring down (telegraphing) a receiver until the guy gets doubled.

Jimmy Rae, HC, QB coach...Please work on alex to use the pump fake like all the top flite Qbs do. The worst it could do would be to make his completion % go up. I sure don't see any downsides...but it better be quick. Frankly , i am disappointed that alex doesn't already have our qB coach working with him on this. Hey, if our OL can't passblock, then alex has to do something else by himself to get our receivers open...but quickly, before the OL gets him mauled.
Alex's release is too long and windy. Pump faking will require the oline to give him 12.5 seconds before he can throw it.
he doesnt even have timte to stay in the pocket for more than 3 seconds how will he have the time to pumpfake it
what's with all the infatuation with the pump fake lately. it's like everyone jumped on big ben's nuts after he "pump faked them into submission" according to chris collinsworth
I mentioned this in my "Forcing the ball to Crabtree" thread. I would like to see it too.
And a bootleg or sprint option would be nice too.
I completely agree. Too often these QB's stare down the WR and wonder why the DB got such a good jump on the ball. Simple pump fake
Would be nice if he could work this into his game.
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Screw the pump fake. He doesn't have the time to waste throwing pumpfakes.

I would like to see him utilize his legs more. When you see daylight ahead and no ones tuck it and run that ball for 10 or more yards everytime.
Small hands

Way to go Darth, 12.5 seconds. Got a good laugh out of that. i am fully aware that once the ball is snapped, alex (or shaun or last yrs wonder) is UNDER SEIGE, and thinking about a pump fake just won't get it. But i would ask the doubters, if you take a peek at Brady, Peyton, and yeah, Ben, you will see that pump fakes are just part of their QBing. They do it on virtually every pass play. Remember those 5 sakes hung on Peyton by our D? Well, he was pump faking right until the second he was going down, and virtually used the pump fake on every pass that wasn't a quick hitter, ie slant across the middle, 1-2- sling it. There is no reason, other than ignorance, that our qb coach, our OC, and our HC shouldn't have pump faking just become part of alex's routine.

As far as thinking about it and taking time to do it, if done properly, it is just part of the best qb's natural rhythm. No reason alex can't learn it...unless our coaches aren't worth a plug nickel. And sure, there are times it can't be done, when the OL caves faster than usual, and the D gets to alex before the ball does. I am talking about the other times, when alex literally stares at crabs, or VD, or #84, allowing everyone in the stadium to know where the ball is going...those would be ideal times to pump fake. Hell, pump fake to the receiver he is telegraping to if he can't do anything else, but there are plenty of times when he does have time, and could easily pump fake then.

It is simple, doesn't cost anything(except coaching time), and it extremely effective. Why not? Bring on the pump fake.
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All he really needs to do is move the safeties and LBs around with his eyes and instead of locking in on his targets.

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We barely have time to make a play action fake.
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Shouldn't this be posted in one of the other billion Alex Smith threads ? Does it really require it's own thread ?
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Originally posted by KRS-1:
Shouldn't this be posted in one of the other billion Alex Smith threads ? Does it really require it's own thread ?

No, because Smith isn't the only QB on our roster that this applies to. The OP is saying that all our QBs should practice it, not just Alex Smith, who happens to be our QB at the moment.
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