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Vernon Davis and penalties

Anybody else notice that Vernon has a lot of false start penalties this season? He has two last night and is tied with Cardlinals OT Levi Brown for the most in the NFC West with 8 total penalties this season. Discipline son!
sucks but I don't blame him, he knows our OL sucks so he just wants to make sure he gets a good jump
Morgan is up there too, he has 6 penalites on the season
This is nothing new, he's done this his whole career with the Niners. He's not a smart nor diciplined man. At least he's finding the seams and actually catching the ball this year so we can overlook his stupid mistakes.
He also leads the league in TD receptions by a TE, tied for first in receiving TDs among all positions, and probably the best blocker on the team.

I'm gonna give him a pass on this one.
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after all, Kwame was his mentor.
he also leads the league in TD receptions.
Originally posted by BigRon:
after all, Kwame was his mentor.

Oh please don't remind us he was ever a niner!!
We should cut him
The dude gets antsy. Hopefully Singletary's mentoring will help him keep improving in the undiscipline aspects that still remain in his play.

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I always tend to think those are soon to be td receptions on Vernon Davis' part when he false he is so excited he's about to run a td route that he gets to jittery and false starts, lol.

VD is not a smart player.

But at least he is no longer hands of stone.
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