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14 POINTS!!!!

Originally posted by Eastcoast49er:
Originally posted by Stevec9932:
he is saying that 14 points is all that seperated us from being 7-2

Titans we lost by 7
Texans we lost by 3
Colts we lost by 4

Total 14 points.

Sorry I should have broke it down like you Stevec9932 but you got what I was thinking. If we played a little better we would be 7-2. I pretty much left out the Vikings game because we should have learned from that heart breaking lost how to close out tight games.

i was at that game and brett favre haunts my dreams to this day

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Being close only matters when playing horseshoes and throwing hand grenades.
well shucks
Originally posted by JD81:
Originally posted by DarthNiner:
Explain please.

Loss by 3 to Minny

Loss by 3 to Texans

Loss by 4 to Colts

Loss by 7 to Titans

That's 17 points, excluding the 35-point loss in the Falcons game. We've had alot of close losses this season....This team is alot better than we give it credit for sometimes....A lot of heart on this squad....

The team is competitive and has had some tough close losses. Still, they are not good enough to play the conservative style that they seem to want to play and hope to make the playoffs. We're going to have to step it up and open in up on offense.
Originally posted by 9erfreak:
Close only counts in "horseshoes and handgernades" as they say.

and stepping in s**t
Originally posted by 9erfreak:
Close only counts in "horseshoes and handgernades" as they say. It's actually 17 points in those 4 losses.
Vikings -3
Texans -3
Colts -4
Titans -7

Yay for keeping games close but close still = a loss anyway you look at it

and this game was a win, any way you look at it.
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