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What Is the Identity of this Offense?

Our identity is the opposition. We seem to be playing to the level of it rather than taking over and doing our thing.
It all starts with our genius DO little Scotty M. He is the one who drafted and got most of the players and in particular the offensive line. We have no identity. We can't pass protect, can't run block and got an idiot who does the offensive game planing.
Tulini, you put your finger on it in the first sentence: When we used the pass to set up the run, we succeeded. When we ran twice, then threw an incomplete pass that everyone watching or playing the game knows is coming, we lose. And why we got away from something that was successful is just plainly not understandable. Does jimmy rae have a short attention span or what? Whatever, we came out of the gate with a successful, the correct plan, and in a flash, just flat azz left it. And that was it for the O. Amazing.

HOw come bigMike can't see that? Does he just not "get" the game? As i have posted before, he just hadn't put in his time as a DC, running a D, to know how to run a team, before becoming a HC. And while motivation is great, you gotta have more than that as HC. He just needs more experience. Unfortunately, it is a lot more. Anybody wants to argue with that , look at our O line play the last 4 weeks. Ye gads! We can't passblock. Worse, we can't run block...unless,that is, we use the pass to set up the run.
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In all honesty I think Jimmy Raye is trying to it figure out as time goes by. He was accustomed to Shaun's Skill set & knew how to use him. He really only had Alex Smith & Michael Crabtree for 4 weeks now. The dynamic of the team changed when they were inserted into the starting line up. The potental for both is great but MUST BE MATURED. It is encouraging to here Alex & Michael get extra work in B4 the bears game & will only lead to BETTER chemistry between them in the near future.

With the addition on Gore, VD, Morgan & the possibilities...time will tell.
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