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seemed to me the ref blew the replay call on pass to crabtree

looked to me like crabtree had control of ball with both feet in on 49ers first play of the game
i think he did too

but there wasnt a clear view to overturn the call on the field

if the call had gone the other way (completion) and the bears challenged, they would have lost
oh that was a catch, no doubt about it, idk wtf the refs were looking at; he had possession, and both feet in.
the ball came out it was pulled out by the DB great call, great catch great d good throw
It was a catch.
yeah, it was.
it was a catch, but ruled incomplete. so you would need inconclusive evidence that it was a catch. Which was not available on the replay. Had it been called complete, it would of stayed that way. Nice grab by the crab.
I still dont understand the call on the play where there were offsetting penalites (illegal man downfield and unnecessary roughness) that ended up with the bears getting 10 yds and a first down????
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It was a great effort by Crabtree. I don't get how there was not flag on that play but Bly gets called for a ticky tack illegal contact on 4th down at a critical point in the game that could have cost us a win.
that s**t was a catch, and one hell of a catch

I think it was clearly a catch and also interference on the Bears DB.
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His ankle was out of bounce when his other foot hit the ground. Since he didn't get two feet in, it was correctly ruled incomplete.

STUPID ass challenge by Singletary though.
yea they paused the angle when he was going out of bounds his ankle and upper calf area were out of bounds a split second before his right foot came down
This whole game was sloppy, I held my breath for like 10 seconds after the refs finally called the Bears on that final off-sides penalty in the middle of the 4th.
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