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What did we learn from this game?

1. Jimmy Raye should go coach pop warner football cuz thats the only place his playcalling will work.

2. Our defense is horrible at the end of the half and the end of the game

3. Playoffs? not this year.
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That the Bears and 49ers both played like s**t?
Defense horrible?? are you f**king crazy? They were the only bright spot of the game. Sure they gave up some yards at the end of each half but they never broke. Not one bad thing can be said about our D today. They won us this game.
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that we can barely compete with the worst ranked teams............
I learned that we should be thankful we didn't trade for Cutler
wow, I can't believe that people are still talking s**t about this D... not sure what some of you guys are expecting.
We still suck
We are in the bottom 10 in the NFL
That we need an O Line and a QB.
Our O sucks. The D played great but only thanks to Cutler.

our offense still sucks.
Originally posted by eastie:
That we need an O Line and a QB.

Qb is ok just o line
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Hey at least Alex Smith did not lose the game for us. If hill had this kind of game i think people would be satisfied so that can be looked at as a good sign. Also our defense dominated a bad o line. This works out great because we have a longer week to prepare for an even worse o line in green bay. 2 game winning streak here we come
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As an Alex Smith supporter for 5 years...

We need a new QB with POCKET PRESENCE
The game reminds me of a Nolan like win. That bears team is terrible, with the talent the 49ers have we should have blown them out.
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