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Did Singletary work the team to hard

In training camp everyday he went to two a day practices with full pads. Thats almost unheard of now days in the NFL. The team looks like it is wearing down, especially in the second half of games. It will be interesting to see if they can get there second wind for the last half of the season.
The our offense is working our defense too hard each game
No pain to gain..
Originally posted by sixbricks:
No pain to gain..

True, but the NFL season is a marathon not a sprint.
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No, and here is why. Our team is losing games because we are killing ourselves. We get bad penalties at crucial times (especially in the last couple games) and there are dumb plays that have been happening. Balls bouncing off receivers or slightly late throws have everything to do with execution not being worn out. This team needs to gel and the receivers and QB need to get on the same page. For most of these receivers it's only their first or second year out there (Josh and Crabs). No excuses for Bruce. Alex needs to get the speed back again since he hasn't played in 2 YEARS.

My biggest question that I would love to ask coach is this: "Coach what do you do in practice to help ensure that execution and timing are getting better?" If anybody has the chance to ask this question that would be a good one I think.
Its also called conditioning, getting yourself in better shape so you can outplay your opponent later in games. This thread sounds vaguely familiar to the Jamal Lewis article complaining about Mangini's two-a-day workouts in TC...

I personally don't believe it hurts you if given enough time afterwards for the body to recover...John Fox had his Panthers in the hardest TC of their lives in 2003 and they went on to play in the Superbowl against the Pats...
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Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
The our offense is working our defense too hard each game

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