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The Best 3 Man Front in the NFL

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The best might be a stratch, but it's certainly top 3. This means our LBers must be really terrible pass rushers and that our blitzes are just not very creative. Does Willis ever blitz? Corners? Safeties? It looks like 90% of our blitzes to me are either Manny or Harrelson just bull rushing from the same spot.

Exactly. Just highlights how poorly our LB'ers are at attacking the qb. And this is one of the points of emphasis when running a 3-4. Niners blitz packages are terrible. the blitzes are never creative just the same old same old. Manny and Parys just aren't talented enough to beat whoever and hit the qb. they run croner blitzes from time to time. I think Manusky needs help in becoming more creative everthing on defense is pretty vanilla and basic. I've never seen him just send the house at a QB. He coaches a little to passively. One reason why the secondary is constatnly getting beat is b/c there is never any pass rush. All you have to do is get near Cutler and he will start throwing int's.

Maybe Manusky knows his OLBs can't blitz. If you send the house all the time you will get burnt badly.

We need a pass rush specialist at OLB.

I would give Diyral Briggs a shot. He seems the most natural pass rusher we have and I know he only played in the pre-season and against 2nd and 3rd string guys, but he just seems to have a knack to getting to the quarterback. I also wouldn't give up on Ahmad Brooks quite yet and I suspect you might see a lot of him tonight.
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J.Smith and A.Franklin=underrated

no idea why though? these guys are pro bowl players and the fact that people don't understand our front 7 is awesome are crazy.
They're playing well even though they don't have the sack numbers most people typically (and erroneously) look for. However, such is the fate of three man fronts. They do the grunt work that allows others to get the glory. Now if we only had a dominant pass rusher who could take advantage of that three man line.
Sounds like J. Smith had his usual good day?

A. Franklin seems to be doing well - an interception to boot.

Sopoaga seems to be quietly doing his thing. Why Sops improvement?

Any feedback on Balmer?
Twitter post from Sports Illustrated's Peter King:

"That's a heck of a three-play run by SI's midseason all-pro NT, Aubrayo Franklin: run stuff, run stuff, pick of Cutler."
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Imagine if we had a top notch or even real good pass rusher behind these guys? that would be scary! Of course watch us get a premier pass rusher next year and Franklin's play falls of after getting a big contract.

Thats why we are also going to get boo robinson, dan williams, or big terrence cody
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Maybe someone read my comments because I saw more blitzes from Willis last night than I can remember and look at the effect. Also finally saw Brooks for more than one play and he seemed to be around the ball. He needs to see the field more.
Ray Mac, on the 2nd or 3rd play of the game, demolished the RG, he literally ran right over him. I want to see more of him
Originally posted by bigmike55:
Our guys are great against the run, decent against the pass.

And we have nice diversity along the line... One Samoan, one country white guy, and one black guy. Now that's affirmative action for ya

Now we need to hear something like this for our O-line...and we should be fine..

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