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Lowell Cohen article on Mike Singletary

Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
While I think it's fair to ask tough questions, it seems as if it's gotten a bit personal between the two. Nobody likes to be called out in public, which is in essence, what Cohn did at that news conference. Maybe Cohn needs to refresh his memory on ethics a bit. Be that as it may, he does raise some valid points, albeit in a somewhat crude manner.

For the past few weeks, I've been calling for Singletary to be replaced at season's end with Mike Shanahan. Why? I bear no ill will toward Coach...I like many things about him. However, like Cohn, I can't say at this point he's the guy to lead the Niners back to the playoffs. Being a leader/motivator is likely to take the team only so far. When I see Shanahan looking for the right opportunity to coach again, I can clearly see him leading the Niners. He's one of seemingly dozens of Walsh proteges, most definitely has the experience and knowledge to truly turn our team around. He would FIX our offense...starting with the OL and improving our RB corps. The QB situation remains to be flushed out, but I sure like the thought of Shanahan coaching our QB's. I understand it's not the norm to fire a head coach after just one season...but, how often are guys like Shanahan available? It's a rare opportunity Jed York must take advantage of. Of course, it's also possible Singletary can rally his charges to justify keeping him on board. Only time will tell. If he can't then I'll be calling loudly for his replacement, because I know Shanahan CAN do the job.

If Shanahan is such a good coach how do you explain the success Denver is having this year? I know, I know, Denver has a stud QB now. Denver drafted a stud running back in the 1st round last year; something ya boy Shanahan is against. He only drafts running backs in the later rounds, that’s real smart.
Originally posted by Mex49:
Originally posted by JeuSF49:
Nolan also used to draw up the defensive game plan. We all have seen how that worked.
Jim Zorn actually drawed up the Redskins offensive game plan and it worked so well that he no longer calls the plays.

There is some truth in Cohen article yet I can't relinquish the feeling that he dislikes Singeltary.

Are you defending a 3-5 record? Is that what we have waited an entire off season for

THREE and FIVE; get your s**t straight

Right now Cohen is the only one asking for answers

You have to give Sing more than one draft and a half of the season to fix this team. Do me a favor name our top 3 players on offense and defense and compare our top 3 players to other team’s top 3 players who will make the playoffs this year. After you do that you let me know if you think this team should make the playoffs.
Why shouldn't the Niners expect playoffs? The final 8 games last season with Singletary/Martz looked damn good. So good in fact that the Yorks were convinced keeping Singletary as HC meant playoffs this season. Jed said as much when he made the announcement in the locker room ("This is the last time our season ends in December") or something like that.

Then Singletary proceeded to make the biggest mistake of his career that will likely cost him his job as Niners HC in the end. He fired Martz and looked like a fool trying to replace him and finally settled on Jimmy Raye because everyone else said no.

Now the Niners offense is crap and Singletary has been forced to abandon his "don't tell me, show me" mantra because his team doesn't at all resemble the team Singletary promised we would see. Things have gotten so bad that Singletary has been reduced to hyping up crappy opponents since that's the only kind of opponent we can beat.

This is not a good Bears team were facing. They have been absolutely destroyed the past two weeks.

Consider also that our Div is the weakest in football and last years title winner (Cards) lost both their offensive OC and DC. Playoffs were a reasonable expectation.
Originally posted by 49time:
I never drunk the Singletary koolaid. I have said from the start that we need an offensive coach. Preferrably one with West Coast Roots. This offseason is our chance to right the franchises wrong. We have been a medicore to scrubbish team since we stop running our west coast offense. We need Shanahan, Holmgren or Gruden. Preferably 2 of 3. I would love for Holmgren to be in a GM role w/ Scott Mc.

Not ture, we have been a medicore to scrubbins team since we got rid of our good players like T. O., Garcia, Briant Young, and Hurst to name a few.
Originally posted by 602_JamestownAve:
Cohn wrote a book with Walsh, so he thinks because he hung out extensively with Walsh, he knows what it takes to be a great coach. He always makes sure to mention Walsh and suck his azz every chance he gets. I didn't get 200 words into that article before I knew he was gonna name drop The Genius's name. Also, the guy was looking for confrontation with Singletary at that press conference. His big question for Sing was: "Well, how do you know that your players will be motivated to play better?" Now where I come from, any question that starts with "How do you know" is an argument or conflict starter because the answer is gonna be based on my opinion and if mine doesnt mesh with yours, its time for arguing.

Sorry to tell you Lowell, just because you gargled on Bill Walsh's nuts, doesn't mean all coaches are going to break it down to you in detail on how his players are motivated. But its obvious that Cohn wanted to try to start some sh!t as he is trying to do with this article to keep the spotlight on Singletary, who definitely deserves some heat. But I am one who feels that as much as it could be a scheme issue with these loses, it is also about talent which the Niners don't have enough of. And it doesn't help that some of those talented players have been injured either.

I can tell you that Cohn and most of the bay area writers were negative even during the glory years. The team would lose two in row and the sky was falling, even after making a dozen playoff appearances in a row. But, like most of us, he just sounds tired of listening to a coach after a loss. BUT HE GETS PAID TO DO THAT SO STFU.
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Its a well written piece that has merit. Singletary is a man that throughout his career has tried to impose his will to succeed. That is not a flaw. What is though is denying the obvious to replace it with stubbornness. Until he can show that whilst will does not falter the methods in which he uses might then all the questions asked in that article are apt.
First of all, his name is Cohn.............
Originally posted by billbird2111:
It's not a fine article. It's a GREAT article. Cohn has a point -- a valid point at that. He's asking the tough questions after watching the Niners -- once again -- slide into mediocrity and crappy play.

He's got every right to ask those questions. Glad he's doing it.

I like the article as well. Singletary has shown he has no problems making snap judgements (Pulling JTO for Hill then pulling Hill for Alex) when things aren't going so well, but all of his moves haven't turned into victories yet. That may be a talent issue (......hello Scot M!) but he has to make it work with the tools he has. This same group was a hair short of 4-0 so it can be done. I hope they start the turnaround tonight......
I can't understand why so many think bringing in Mike Holmgren as the GM is a real solution to any problem. The Seahawks didn't truly become a good team until after Holmgren was stripped of his GM duties. If you want to bring him in as a coach, or even better, an offensive coordinator, fine, but say no to Mike Holmgren as a GM.

As for Shanahan, does anyone remember why he was let go in Denver? He had complete control and could not get it together. The defense was a mess and he had won one or two playoff games total since the Elway years. Is that what some of you all are looking for?

It seems that anyone with any west coast heritage is the solution to all of the 49ers problems. Give Singletary some time. He was a part of the Nolan staff but he is not Mike Nolan. And btw, even the great gods of coaching, Mike Shanahan and Mike Holmgren didn't look so great their first few seasons at the helm. Shanahan was 1-7 at one point with the Raiders before he was fired, and Holmgren rolled out a few 9-7 seasons (which we are capable of now) before he truly got on a roll.
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
Ill also add a lot of succesful head coaches were more CEO, manager types and not X's and O's guys and let their coordinators run the show on offense and defense. Bill Parcells comes to mind. He was never known as an X'S and O'S guy and always relied on his coordinators. Same for Mike Ditka, Tom Coughlin, Dennis Green and even Bill Cowher.

I think Singletary will be fine

??? Parcell's defenses were always awesome in the 80's and he was an X and O guy in the 80's.

haters gon' hate

go niners
Originally posted by Ninerwinner:
I think people including beat writers are missing an important point...We DONT have the horses to run the race...We are still two years of drafting and FA away from being a contender for a championship. This season like it or not is about evaluating the players you have, developing the younger talent, building continuity, and setting up the pathway forward. Its one thing to have all the talent at the positions and still not win (ex. Cowboys), but its another to be missing the pieces and still expected to win. Anyone that knows football can see our deficiencies on offense and defense so lets not get side tracked when its irrelevant.

absolutely....but I think they want to hear Sing say that
I have to agree with that article! Its time for him to show us what he's been preaching for so long! Talking and motivating will only get you so far.... Have you noticed how the players often turn their heads when coach is talking to them? It seems as if they don't care or don't pay attention to him anymore.
Originally posted by SS2K8:
Singeltary and Scotty decided to take the approach of winning with what we have now, building onto what we already have. So if that's the case, i refuse to count this as a true first season for the Singeltary regime. We're doin the same exact things we did in the Nolan era, with mostly the same players. I do not need to wait 2 entire years to see this is not working. Again.

I've seen plenty of new regimes come in with various teams and turn over 2/3rds of the roster in no more than 2 offseasons. Scotty needs to go. How is he gonna correct the problems of the last regime if he was part of the last regime? Those are all his players. A new GM needs to be brought in who knows how to build a football team. If you need a guy to find you talent, Scotty is your man. However, I really don't believe he has any idea how to build a fully functional football team. How do you dominate games? Strong offensive line play, and a defense that knows how to impose their will on the other team by flattening their QB. We have neither, and Scotty has had multiple offseasons to correct these issues.

As for Sing, I don't believe you have to be a great tactician, but if that is the case, then the front office or ownership must insist he hires more viable coaches as his coordinators, even if that includes the front office hand picking his coordinators.

My main point is that just about everybody that's around our team now has been for quite a while, even if it was in a smaller capacity. Things are becoming a little too incestuous at this point within our organization, i think it's becoming a huge issue.

I am in favor of Sing returning next year regardless of the record, however Scotty, Raye and Manusky need to go. This does not come off as a true new regime, and the lack of patience by many 49er fans is a reflection of that. As for people who believe it's a bad idea to change diretions once again...what new direction have we pointed our ship in lately? We haven't changed course in years.

I cannot stand Lowell Cohn, but he does make some good points. I remember Bill Walsh saying something to the effect that he would never give up calling the offensive plays because then that would be the first step to losing control of the team. Then again, different things work for different coaches. Personally, I'd rather the 9ers play out the season before even considering any coaching or GM changes.
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