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Mix in some Wildcat!

We really suck at the wildcat.
Originally posted by NJNiner:
We really suck at the wildcat.

Sadly that is true, we have ran it with spurlock under center and havent had any success with it, if we were to run it again we should use Gore as the QB and put Crabtree or Davis in Motion, we have to get the ball in our playmakers hands somehow, but so far we have sucked trying to run the wildcat
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The 9ers version was BS when they ran it with Shaun Hill split wide. He was a useless man on the field and no threat at all so it was basically 10 vs 11.

If they really want to mix it up on a few plays take Smith out the game and go three backs like Miami does.

I said before the season to run my WildWishBone but they haven’t listened.

Walker, Robinson, and Gore in the back field with Vernon blocking off the edge.
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Before we complicate things, lets practice blocking, handoffs, and passing.
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