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So it looks like we've moved on from "FREE ALEX!".

The popular phrase now is "DON'T BLAME ALEX!"



I am not making excuses for alex smith, however i dont think even the biggest alex smith haters can deny the fact that he looks like an improved qb from the last time he started under center. I dont think you can jump to conclusions about the fact that smith is a bust. He has only started 2 full games this year, talk to me when he starts at least 3 more games. After these next 3 games if he throws for an average of less than 200 yards a game and has something like 4+ picks and gets rattled often then I will start to believe that he is in fact a bust. However I think it is still much too early to call smith a bust yet simply because he does not seem like the same old alex smith to me. Just look at cedrick benson, im sure bears fans were comparing him to the likes of ron dayne etc...

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