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We Deserve to Lose If We Cant Support.

I'm and didn't even have to read it!
There are two types of support..."blind" support, meaning no matter what the team does we're ok with it. Then there's realistic support...meaning if criticism's warranted, you give it. Let's face facts...we've been in a rebuilding mode for something like 7 years now...I'm tired of our team being mediocre...we've had plenty of time to already be a playoff team. Other franchises have done turnarounds in much less time because their ownership made sure they hired top management, including GM's & head coaches, to insure top drafts, top FA acquisitions, etc. We haven't done as well at all of that as many other teams have, which is why we're still struggling. I think the NIner fan base has generally been supportive, but unless something bold and striking happens soon, it'll be yet another disappointing season. We as fans should demand better than that, and that's exactly what myself and many other posters in this forum are advocating.
Our WR's aren't great. They don't make a good effort to catch passes that aren't perfect like you see on other teams. Other teams WR's dive all over the field to catch far from perfect passes. Our guys pop the ball 10 feet in the air so it can be picked.

I agree with that much.

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