Since 2004 we had some serious issues. To see what we have now, and remember all draft picks aren't perfect, new management in a sense(Jed), a GM that does make since, he's just has been having bad breaks(injuries to players that don't have an injury history), to Sing and coaches developing continuity in a rush in their first year to get us a playoff game this year, to every player on this year's roster.

Of all the players we got rid of, we let go of 2 or 3 players over the last 5 years that I question. But that's good numbers. We've have made huge improvements. With next year's draft picks and our lean salary number, what other teams about to turn the corner like we are, that had our last 5 year history?

What other teams gone through what we've gone through and heading in the right direction? We're heading back into another dominating era "Nine'na Fans".

I can't wait until tomorrow!