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Taking a close look at each pass vs Titans

good job
Originally posted by maximill15:
great post!! THANKS!
it would be GREAT if someone could add to oldman9er's work and add slow motion gifs of each pass play.

edit- also thankx by the way....I sometimes don't agree with what you, but appreciate the work and enjoy reading your reviews.

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Originally posted by Afrikan:
it would be GREAT if someone could add to oldman9er's work and add slow motion gifs of each pass play.

edit- also thankx by the way....I sometimes don't agree with what you, but appreciate the work and enjoy reading your reviews.

Yeah, we definitely don't see eye to eye on the QB issue... I'd just ask you and everyone to put what he's done in the past... in the past... and look at him as if he was essentially a 2 year player... from an awful 2005 rookie season to a 2006/07 average one. And then, see how he can progress through the remainder of 2009.

4th quarter - Pass # < sh = shotgun --- sp = spread --- sb = single back >

1. sh - 3 step drop screen to VD for 7 yds
(nice effort by VD for a few extra yds)

2. sh - bullet 5 yard out throw to Morgan at the sideline
(lousy spot by the refs takes away the conversion)

3. sp - 7 step drop, quick throw to MRob for 5 yds
(taking what the defense gives... OL holding up, but Sims wouldn't have lasted much longer on inside pressure)

*** It should be noted here that with 11 minutes left in the game, Alex is 21-30 for 224 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT ***

4. sh - incomplete to Gore at the goal line
(Gore screaming that he was held... ball actually hits Gore in the hand... it was a bullet, but needed to be with the coverage where it was)

*** It should also be noted that Alex is not using his eyes to trick defenders as much in this game... he's locking on too often ***

also, RB Chris Johnson's following outside run really hurt us badly at this point... then followed by the deep bomb to a rediculously airborne Justin Gage downfield

7 minutes remain

5. sp - 5 step drop, swing out pass to Gore just a few yds

6. sp w/ TEs on left - 5 step drop, INT
(an awful interception... the safety baited Alex into throwing it in to Morgan, and made a fantastic dive catch in front... bad, bad, Alex...)

The D held valiantly for a FG... 27-20 Tennessee w/ 3 minutes left

[size=18]7. sh - INT
(Alex actually did a good job looking left and then coming back right to throw... there is NO doubt in mind that the DB was illegally up Morgan's butt as the pass arrived. I am looking at a clear freeze-frame of it as the ball is suspended 1.5 feet in front of outstretched hands... interference, all the way. Maybe in real time, it was just too close to call... anyway, the ball was popped up in the air and hung there till a defender was underneath it for the pick)[/size]

^^^^ THIS play is what clearly sent us to 3-5 and a 4 game losing streak

8. sh - quick throw to VD in space at the sideline
(VD should be getting out of bounds but didn't... meh, what's it matter now?)

9. sh - Nice hitch route pass at the sideline to Hill
(Hill does a great job breaking a tackle, and tip-toeing for nice RAC yds)

10. sh - nice 12 yard sideline pass to Crabtree
(Alex evaded the OL breakdown of the whole right side and threw a good one.... oops, penalty takes it back)

11. sh - quick 2 yard out to VD
(fought hard, but no RAC yds worth mentioning

12. sh - incomplete 20 yarder to Crabtree at sideline
(OL was crumbling from all but Heitmann... pass hit Crabtree on the fingers)

13. sh - nice intermediate crossing route to VD...
(pressure coming up middle thanks to Heitmann + Baas...)

14. sh - pass goes nowhere as AS was hit in under 3 seconds
(Baas got beaten around outside shoulder)

15. sh - quick pass to Morgan incomplete
(high pass that hits off his hands and sails out of bounds)

16. sh - nice pass to Morgan at the 9 yard line, and pushed out of bounds

17. sh - quick pass to Gore to the 4 yd line...
(taking what the D gives... hard hit after by Finnegan)

18. sh - quick pass to Hill on a slant for TD

4th quarter thoughts:

There were times where Alex stared down his targets... times where he should have got the passes on the way sooner. Overall though, Smith did not suck this day. If not for the pass interference that caused an INT, this may have been a very different game... but it is what it is. I'm pretty sure that Alex Smith is our future at QB... he needs work on some things... he sure could use better OL play... but he's the one, unless he falls apart mentally along the way.
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Originally posted by jb49ers80:
My only comment is about the "worthless" plays called by Jimmy Raye. I'm not sure this is the case, but every play isn't necessarily designed to gain big yardage. Sometimes you call a play early to set up a similar but different play later on in the game. Or it could be that JR is clueless...

Agreed. That 3-yard "worthless" route that everyone complains about could turn into a double-move and 50-yard TD in the 4th quarter.

Also, Smith is a young QB. I like the idea of throwing a short pass early on to calm his nerves and get him in sync.
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