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Kevin Lynch on KNBR...(positive take on 49ers)

Smith and Crabtree working one on one today per MB's twitter.

Hopefully it helps.
He's right. I felt coming into the year that the playoffs would be a reach this year. I am hoping to see the development of chemistry between the offensive players continue, get the younger guys in there to see what we have and what we need. In the upcoming off season, we have to get an upgrade in the secondary, offensive line and pass rusher.
Originally posted by Jersey9er:
yeah and i was actually happy when the host said, you know the four turnovers yeah, but that defense just let Young sit back there, and just have all day. The defense has to be a top 10, now that the offense is starting to produce. Lynch said i think they arent as good as they think they are. Just need a pass rusher, and we have no speed in the secondary that can match up against other fast offensive threats.

That's a great point. we were expecting a top 10 defense this year and they're not close to that.
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