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Half way through the season,Gore not half way to 1k

So we are already halfway through the season and Gore is not even at 500 yards..
Ok he missed a few games, but if we take away 2, or even one of his long runs, it puts things in another prospective.
As for the team, i think motiviation is good and all but i believe the players are going out to games trying to not make mistakes rather than to win any cost. I guess we can sum this all up saying we have a talented, but immature team.
At some point we're going to need a few players to leave the words and the hype behind and just go play some football.
Well he needs 70 yards a game to reach the 1k milestone. I don't think thats going to be too hard for him to obtain.
Uhh ibtl don't you know Gore is averaging 5.6 per carry and 5 touchdown halfway through this season and on pace to get at least 10 or more touchdowns probably by the end of the season the most of his career. With a bad offensive line and Jimmy Raye's play calling he is doing his job he miss 3 games because he only got one carry and got injured right away so that one other game don't count so i put in that he misses 3 games.
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he missed a few games
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This thread sucks.
Originally posted by Chief:
This thread sucks.

will boobs save it?
i think with the niners opening up the offense alittle more, he will easily get 1000
he'll make it, the guy missed three games with an injury and our plays were limited. throw in the fact that our already bad line got worse because of injuries. now with a more open offense we should see his numbers go back to regular gore numbers.
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