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Look. lets not get confused and get the facts straight first. Protection for long plays with this team is few and far between. but the simple truth is that when it is there, we are not keeping the defense honest at any given point. which is why a chris hope, can just hang around, 10 yards off the line of scrimmage reading alex like hawk, cause the thought of the pass over his head is really not there, and hasnt been for any defense all season.

its imperative we find out who the REAL young play makers are on this team, these wideouts have seen a lot of 1 on 1 coverages and yet have failed to really gain separation by the simplicity of the the routes themselves. let a crabtree, a morgan, hill, jones, go up for a JUMP ball 20 40 yards down the sideline. there is only 4 things that can happen in all actuality.

1. you throw the deep ball and its picked - most of the time the corner is tackled immediately following the pick, resulting in nothing more than a punt field position wise.

2. you throw the deep ball and its caught down field - big play, momentum changer, defensive moral breakdown.

3. you throw the deep ball - and get the pass interference. spot foul, first down, again, defensive moral breaker.

and of course the simple incomplete pass. we really need to keep the d honest and find out exactlyu what the outside talent on this team is really about..

Or its randomly volleyed 20 feet into the air, caught by a defender, and returned for a good chunk of yardage. It only happened 2x vs TEN.