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a big feud between Sing and Cohn starting

Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
This is being blown out of was nothing

I know some think this is blown out of proportion....but Sing called him out....not to sound all elitist but Sing his higher than this guy....he has more to lose than the reporter guy.......but Singletary told him to sit next to him next week and the week after and so on.....and then told him to ask the same questions (As if he is guaranteeing us wins)

Sing should have been smarter than that......He should have just kept it at "I know my players, I believe in my players" and that simple....who cares what the little media guy mumbles...

now what happens if Alex continues his turnover streak per game.....and we lose at home to the Bears who just got blown out by the Cards....

Cohn will sit right next to Sing, like he suggested, and egg him on....and I can see Sing going crazy......Hell he admitted to the media that he is not like other coaches....that he can't contain his composer after loses(WhyTF did he say that for?)........he acts as if the Media will kiss his arse or cares that he is a HOF player.....they don't, all they care about is a news story.

this is why it is a big deal....if we beat the Bears.... Coach might gloat...for this week....but that media guy will be there the next week hoping the team struggles...

ESPN will eat this up if Sing has another confrontation with that guy.

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Cohn is a big ass raider fan.

I can't even post a comment on his press democrap article.

LOL Sing wants him to sit up front next time so he can slap him one. lol
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Originally posted by RonMexico:
did you actually watch this happen?

I did and maybe I have a different definition of big feud than you, but... it's nothing.

This......I actually laughed when I saw really wasn't that big of deal....I like Coach's tact.

Tact? He acted unprofessionally and childish. Lowell will eat this guy up and it will be exactly what we need. The honeymoon is over. The farce will be exposed. each his own....was Parcells childish with the media when he held press conferences? what about the coach for the patriots..? have you seen there press conferences? Sing is a football coach....he doesn't give a damn about the media....similar to Bill Walsh......It's the team versus the world Baby!!!!!!!

This guy is neither Bill Walsh or Bill Parcells. This is a guy that can't figure out whether he wants to play a spread offense or run the ball every down. This is a guy that has exhausted every trick in his book already. He's a poor man's 2nd cousin's uncle version of Nolan. I don't even consider him our coach anymore.

I question if you're even a Niner fan. Poster X???

How dare you question my loyalty. I'm not the one that accepts a crappy product willingly.

LoL at PosterX. And I bet after the 1980 season you would have wanted Walsh gone because in two years the team still looked like it wasnt gonna be a SB contender. Yeah, fans are upset the 49ers are losing, but guess what? For the most part this is still Nolans team and the 49ers didnt make a big splash in FA. It's the first half of the season. Expectations werent even high until the team started 3-1! And as far as not knowing what offense he wants to run, AT LEAST THE 49ERS HAVE A COACH WILLING TO ADJUST!!

I think the best thing you can do for the 49ers, yourself, and other fans including the webzone is swallow a bottle of Tylenol PM and GTFO!!!

(incase that was too harsh mods, im at 15% warn me baby, just not 85% )

Put it on me ANG
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What the heck are they arguing about??
The question was fine, and Singletary was too defensive, but Cohn's cheap indignance over Singletary's answer and unwavering support for his team was bizzare. Did he expect him to say "I'm not sure they can" or "Maybe we do suck" ??

. . . . but I don't expect this to turn into a feud.
Originally posted by RonMexico:
Originally posted by Daniel2778:
Originally posted by RonMexico:
did you actually watch this happen?

I did and maybe I have a different definition of big feud than you, but... it's nothing.

no i did not watch it happen but from what it sounds on paper, does not sound so friendly if you ask me

well at the end they had to restrain singletary but still I don't think it is anything serious.

check out the vid when you have a chance it's pretty good

Damn man, I fell for you BS. haha, what a waste of time.
I saw it on TV. It was not a big deal.
cohn is a d bag. that was such a d**k question to ask. and an even more d**k response he made after sing responded. it was just flat out rude. i dont understand why he was purposely trying to piss of sing? he was probably doing it to just get something to write about. "what will sing do if i say this??" instead of writing a real story.. what a pathetic "writer"
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I liked the exchanged. Someone's gotta put some pressure on Sing. So far he has not delivered on his promises.

Today he actually said he'd have it this way. Really Coach? 4 losses in a row is how you'd rather have it?
Watched it. Not a big deal.

I watched it and it's not that big a deal. The reporter asked a legit question and Singletary responded with a load of bulls**t. Cohn isn't the only bay area sports columnist to notice Singletary is straying from his "Don't tell me, show me" mantra. Singletary was asked why we should believe the team will turn things around after losing four straight. Singletary responded that he knows because "When you spend days and hours with these men.." blah blah blah. Sing then compared his position as coach to that of a parent with several kids. Whatever. Singletary does what he always does. He delivers motivational speeches that are heavy on emotion and lite on specifics. A reporter calls him out for it and people got upset. Hmmmkay
Although the question was simple, it was far from innocent and an example of "gotcha" journalism with Cohn trying to put Singletary "on the spot" with the cameras rolling. Sing got a bit peeved and probably should have just brushed the question off by saying "He knows the players because he is the coach", but he saw through the question immediately and reacted negatively. Cohn was basically trying to get Sing to guarantee a win on Thursday against the Bears. Players "responding" equals win and players not "responding" equals a loss. If they lose, then it follows that the players are not not "responding" to coach Sings motivational speeches. This of course is absurd, but that is the way Cohn phrased his question. He could have just as easily phrased the question by asking about the teams preparedness or their ability to execute the plays or any other number of things, but when he phrased it about motivational speeches, he was targeting Sing and his unique style of coaching.

In the end though, Sing lightened the tension and turned it into a joke, but I'd bet Cohn to continue this line of questioning again if the Niners lose. But I'd expect Sing not to take the bait next time around.
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Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
who the f**k is cohn?

Some douche trying to make a name for himself.

Lowell Cohn is a very opinionated sportswrter for the Press Democrat. Usually negative views.

Like I said.
I wouldn't classify it as a big feud...Cohn asked Singletary some tough questions and they went after each other a bit. I'll bet if you asked Coach, he'd say he respects Cohn for his approach. In fact, the respect is mutual. When times get tough, the tough get going, and I hope this is a sign Singletary really will rise above and his team follows him. It's going to take a real never hurts, but there has to also be a sense of reality, which will hopefully keep them well-grounded and result in smarter football and wins vs losses.
i picture mr. "poster x" grinning after every letter he types.... either he gets banned or he comes out and admits that he's just f**kin' around...
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