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What do the 9ers have to do to beat Da Bears?

SI's Peter King put it nicely:

"e. The 49ers are better that 3-5. Miami's better than 3-5. But you get what you deserve. Both have to get better quarterback play to have a chance."

'Nuff said.
1. Install a more balanced game plan (20-23 runs and 30-35 passes) mainly out of the shotgun formation.

2. Instead of a 2WR/2TE set, we need to go to a 3WR/1TE set with Crabtree, Morgan, and Hill (switching Morgan for Jones on certain plays when you really want to stretch the field).

3. If Reggie Smith is healthy, place him in the FS position and move Goldson to SS. We need more speed out on the field and Roman nor Lewis is providing us with that.

4. For christ sake, can we put some pressure on the QB. This was just as much to blame for our lose yesterday as the 4 TO. They are not doing a good job of stunting their schemes. We have the best LB in the leauge, why don't we find more ways to get him to make a bigger impact than chasing RB down?

These are all simple solutions that can be done! The coaching staff needs to stop cuddling these guys with basic football formations and play calling. This team will make mistakes but we play like we are afraid to make them. We must own our fear and not have the fear own us. Now lets get this ship back on track!

Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
Originally posted by billbird2111:
Put Shaun Hill back into the starting lineup.

3 ints and 1 lost fumble against a 2something ranked passing defense!! Smith is basically 0-3! Hill was 3-1. Can we all come back to Earth and get Shaun Hill back in there PLEASE!?!?!?!??!
Let Stanford play in place of our players.
nothing. We're better than the cards according to everyone here. We beat the cards so that should mean we'll destroy the bears worse than the cards did last week.
Originally posted by B650:
1- Run the ball. The Bears defense is soft, especially up the middle.

2- Set up play-action. Their LBs seem to bite on everything.

3- Be aggressive and play to win. Enough with close 4th-quarter losses. Let's get up on these guys and put them away early. We have a far superior defense, and we should win this game.

4- Protect Alex Smith. If he has time, he'll pick apart the Bears weak defense.

5- Apply pressure on Cutler. Force him to beat you. I think it's going to be hard for them because we match up well, assuming we get in Cutler's face. If we can't, it could be another long day.

6- Cut down on sloppiness and turnovers.

7- Contain Greg Olson. We can't allow another TE to have a monster day against us.

8. Force some fumbles, strip the ball, get in better position to make an interception, we need to win turnover battles!
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Originally posted by Norcal9erfan:
Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
Originally posted by billbird2111:
Put Shaun Hill back into the starting lineup.

3 ints and 1 lost fumble against a 2something ranked passing defense!! Smith is basically 0-3! Hill was 3-1. Can we all come back to Earth and get Shaun Hill back in there PLEASE!?!?!?!??!

Are you a crackhead or what? Shaun Hill got down 21-0 to the Texans, and you want to give Alex Smith the loss? If you really want to examine it, Shaun Hill was 0-6. The defense went 3-3.

Shaun Hill isn't coming back. Your boy has no arm. Singletary wants Smith in there. Get over it and get some prescription glasses while you're at it. Maybe you're not seeing that Alex throws spirals and Hill doesn't, or that Alex puts up points and Hill doesn't. Time to move on.

What B650 said...that's what it'll take. We should "torch" Da Bears...last two weeks they've given up 45 and 41 pts, respectively. But, we have to be smart with the football and not let Cutler get on a roll. Our O needs better balance...Gore should carry the rock 20-25 times. If they do that, it'll open up play-action and Alex should make some big plays. BL: play smarter football and show no mercy after we get up on them.
Keep the same game-plan we had in the first half. For the first time all year, we actually moved the ball to the tune of 25 first downs. Hill was lucky to get 25 total first downs in two games.

D needs to return to how they played earlier in the season. Better pass rush and holding on to picks (which, playing Cutler, there will be plenty) are a must.

Most of all, play to win rather than play not to lose.

Originally posted by billbird2111:
Originally posted by backontop:
Originally posted by billbird2111:
Originally posted by B650:
Originally posted by billbird2111:
Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
Originally posted by billbird2111:
Put Shaun Hill back into the starting lineup.

Name the QB who has actually won a game for us this season. Hint: His first name starts with an "S" and ends with an "N."

Name the QB who has the most losses this season. Hint: His first name starts with "S" and ends with "N." Still don't know? He went fishing on his bye week while the new starting QB was working with Crabtree.

Once again, name the ONLY QB on the 49er roster who has won a game THIS SEASON. Same hints apply.

Who gives a rip about fishing during the bye week? What does that have to do with WINS? Why do you insist on starting a QB who CANNOT WIN A GAME IF HIS LIFE DEPENDED ON IT?

I just don't understand your line of thinking on this matter. Please, please enlighten me. You would rather start a QB who gives us ZERO CHANCE at victory over another who has won three games this season? I just don't understand this debate.

Hill didn't win those games the defense did. You actually think that Hill would have done better than Smith in the game against the Titans? did you not see what the offense looked like with Hill as the QB? At least Smith can put points on the board. He just needs an OLine and WR that don't tip the ball 10 feet in the air(has happend 4 times in 2 1/2 games) I guess that is what happens when you are used to catching passes that come down like a punt and then get a QB who can actually put some zip on the ball.

Hill had the same line as Alex did -- and produced three wins

Hill didn't have the receiving threats that Alex had yesterday -- yet still managed to put three wins on the board.

The defense didn't lose yesterday's game. Alex Smith lost yesterday's game with FIVE -- count them -- FIVE TURNOVERS. Name one game -- any game -- from any year -- where Shaun Hill put the ball on the ground FIVE TIMES.

Yes -- I think Hill would have won yesterday's game. He showed comeback ability in the Vikings game when he hit Vernon for a late TD. He showed the same ability during multiple games last season. I think Hill probably would have beat the Colts as well.

Again -- I really don't understand this debate. You have NO WINS to point too with Alex under center. You have MULTIPLE LOSSES. This league isn't about who has the stronger arm or who throws the nicer looking pass.

This league is about wins and losses. How can you not support the QB who has given us three wins? How can you possibly make the argument for a QB who has consistently given us loss after loss after loss after loss?

I just don't get it.

Same oline? Really? They haven't had the same oline since the season started. Maybe a couple of times. I'm pretty sure both games Smith started were without our best lineman Staley. He went out on the first play of the colts game.

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Two words: Avoid Turnovers!
Start out passing as we did Sunday and then switch gears. Unfortunately, we never switched gears Sunday.

Oh yeah, don't give them four turnovers.
Originally posted by Kauaiguy:
Two words: Avoid Turnovers!

and produce turnovers on defense!
Convert 3rd Downs

Stop them from converting 3rd Downs

End of discussion.
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