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What do the 9ers have to do to beat Da Bears?

cutler will beat the bears for us when he throws 5 more ints. :D haha
Niners need to continue to break-in their new found spread offense out of the shotgun. -My brother is a huge Chicago Bears fan (so that means I've also been watching Bears games as well all season), Chicago has probably had one of the most mediocre/aging backfields since 2006.

Since week one they've been getting horribly burned by QBs running out of the shotgun formation (Rogers, Ryan, Warner). Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher are just horrible in covering wide-recievers on deep routes down the sideline, and play-action passes off the right side of the field (Warner and Ryan were just rubbing this wound in to the max).

If Alex can somehow return as the Alex who showed poise during the Indy game I don't see how we can f**k this up (just as long as Alex doesn't f**k things up).

Also, I have faith in our offense/Sing now cause it clearly appears that we aren't playing conservative anymore, even when we had at 17-10 lead against the Titans last Sunday we continued to air it out down-field (and Sing has recently expressed his hunger for and aggressive offense).

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