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Timing beats talent.

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We don't have big name coaches, and "top flight" management, but that's ok!

First of all, Jed is going to be the face of the ownership, COMPLETELY! I don't mind him because he's been around in our glory years, and he seen talent with his own eyes growing up. He will also have Eddie available as a consultant. That's a good enough track record, since the team ain't selling!

Scotty Mac has the jury out him like it WAS on VD in the beginning of the year. Scotty earned the right to draft those 2 first round picks next year along with Sing of course. He's helped keep the cap down as well. No GM has perfect drafts or signings. For ex: Parcels in Dallas. They were overrated then. Look, timing beats talent in everything. The talent is really just STARTING to get there for us. For the past last 3 years, we've just had bad timing. Most of the time in football, timing involves injuries, and the strengths of schedules. I say Scotty gets 1 more season to continue to get players here via free agency and drafts, and get Jed to spend that money. We all know the player positions we're in need of.

All coaches including Sing, are going through their first year together. There's always going to be ups and downs in the first couple of years of any marriage, and we're talking about group marriage here! Just like our O-line, our coaches are trying to gel as ONE. Its' rare that these relationships hit on all cylinders the first year. If it does, its usually timing that makes that happen, and usually the strength of the schedule is light for that team as well. ALL the Jimmy 'Ray ray' haters have to shut up now. Alex threw the ball 50 times vs. Tenn. Look at Alex's results, regardless of the other teammates errors of those results. Those errors are in Alex's stat box, and that's the only stat you will see on ESP-whackazz-N.

If you look at everything that has been going on, from the Walt Harris' injury in the beginning of training camp, to now we've had bad timing. We've lost in all kinds of ways. Ways that when they present themselves like that again next year, with a completely improved team and depth, we know how to overcome them. You'd have the talent to overcome it during bad timing.

So with that said, and to talk about the NOW, I can see us win his Thursday(we only have to wait 3 mo' days to see another game yeah YEAH)! Each week after that will be even more and more exciting, because they have to win dayum near every game. If we don't win, they need to start letting other players play to see what we have in depth. I don't want to see any of our more talented players injured in meaningless games.

Be patient, it's just not our turn yet. (light, inhale, hold, exhale) Our super-bowl numbers are coming up!

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Great post! We are not far from breaking thru!
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