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Who says defense wins championships.

Originally posted by MadMartz:
Originally posted by KknighthawkK_9er:
"Who says defense wins championships."

Every player and coach who has ever won a championship.

We have 5 SBs and we didnt win them because of our defense. It was our offense that won us 5 rings.

You are completely wrong, the offense was always good, but both times we beat the Bungles and the time we beat the Dolphins, the defense was every bit as big of a part of the game. The defense shut Marino and his record setting offense down and at least one of the championships involved a goal line stand.
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Originally posted by Norwalks_Best:
Originally posted by maximill15:
if parys made that tackled on 4th down, we would have won the game! He HAVE to tackle better!

All he had to do is push him out of bounds that idiot! Cut his ass!

Cut him because he couldn't tackle arguably the best RB in the league? Are fans this stupid? Let me guess, if Haralson made that tackle, you would've wanted to sign him to an extension; 10-year contract worth $140,000,000.

Maybe that's why we're losing: all our fans do is whine about everything.
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Leave it up to a Martz to malign the contributions of Defense.
While defense may win a championship (see the 85 Bears, 02 Buccaneers, 00 Ravens or 07 Giants), its teams that are capable on all 3 phases of the game that win multiple championships.

Take our 49ers SB winning teams, we all know about the offense, but the defense(s) were damn good and Special teams weren't bad either (especially Taylor who could break one at any moment).

Same with the Cowboys, good offense, defense and special teams=3 Super Bowl titles
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