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He needs to know who is winning the division and how many games back we are.

I think everybody knows this, it ain't a secret, but if you are a competitior to any significant degree, then u know that it takes hard work, preparation, and execution on your part before u start looking over your shoulder to what the others are doing. when u sustain a loss, u let the hatred for losing fester and fuel u to get better so that u never have to feel that way again. right now, we have been in all but 1 game with the opportunity to win at the end and didn't finish. with this in mind, we need to look inward, not outward to fix what is wrong with us, then when we see arizona, kick their a**es so bad that they have to do some soul searching, knowing that we are better than them and that we are on their asses every week to get this division. we have 8 games with an opportunity to win all 8 games, finish with a winning record, and compete for this division, and/or a wildcard spot. until the season is up, you play to win each week and get better each week and let the chips fall where they may. so what i am saying is the same as michael jordan said "it ain't how hard you push along the way, it's what u have in you to finish". we need to finish better than everyone else and end the regular season hot at the start of the postseason and then look to see if we made it , and if we do, then go kick a**