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Is there a Silver lining?

Originally posted by NinerGM:
Baas may not play Thurs night?

Ding ding ding! We have a winner.

Perhaps the WORST top of the 2nd round offensive lineman in the history of the NFL.

Rachel is runner up.

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Yes.. There is a silver lining.. Bruce finally found his way to the bench, where he belongs and Jason Hill gets some playing time and scores 2 TD's.

If I were the running the Niners ( I wish) Bruce would not suit up again this season

On the dark cloud front though. Is it just me or does Josh Morgan seem to be regressing??
For once we have higher expectations then we have the previous 6 years, why, because we do have talent on both sides of the ball that make us a legitimate playoff threat. Many of us are frustrated because of this fact. On offense we have VD, Gore, Crabtree, Heitmann and Staley. Defense we have Smith, Willis, Spikes, Brown, Lewis and Franklin yet we just cannot close out a game.

Our solution to winning is simple. Those games we won we also won the turnover battle. Those game we lost we lost the turnover battle. I said at the beginning of the season if we end the season in the plus category for take aways we go 10-6 if we are minus in this category we go 6-10. We lost to the Texans, Colts and Titans because they had more take aways during a game then we did. We fix this problem we win games.
Of course there is. Forget about finding if Alex will be our QB for the future. Chris Isaak will be performing at halftime on Thursday
Only silver lining is nobody has gotten killed in the games. Besides that it's been the same ole 9ers of this decade. An under-talented team being out-coached and making dumb mistakes.
We have a good draft position next year...
Originally posted by BETTERDAYZ9ERS:
Of course there is. Forget about finding if Alex will be our QB for the future. Chris Isaak will be performing at halftime on Thursday

Chris Isaak is awesome. Maybe he can teach Alex to be a player. Pun intended.
Seems like mostly positive feelings remain despite our disappointing losses.

I will fully admit that I just want Coach Singletary to be the guy to turn this team around so bad. I feel like he is the answer at HC and I hope we can develop this into something special. We have lots of young talent.

I'm in agreement with many of you that we have a real opportunity to finally provide some continuity next season and plug the last few holes in FA and the draft.

However I feel like we need to finish at least 500 to ensure we have some actual momentum and confidence to make the next step. We have to find a way to start wining NOW.
Silver Lining. Here's one:

Gore averaged 5.5 per carry

Chris Johnson averaged 5.4 per carry

s**t lining: Jimmy Raye doesn't watch the games as he calls them.
Higher draft picks?

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