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the defense didnt stop titans when it had to--this is a team loss

haralson didnt make the play he had to make when titans pitched wide on 4th and 1---not an easy play but one that i'd hope he could make, as niners win imo if they stop titans there

and the defense just let titans march downfield after niners went ahead 20-17

again not much of a pass rush turnovers forced

im sure many will want to pin loss on alex smith and jimmy raye but in truth the team lost the game

all of robinson's kickoff returns looked the same, it was like watching the same play over---he got it out to 25-30 but damn i would love to see a kickoff threat...hell bring back the beerman michael lewis...nedney's on side kick was poorly executed

adam snyder has not done well at right tackle this year--the fumble was on him more than alex smith

alex smith certainly deserves alot of blame too...i still maintain the niners have their qb in smith, some of the throws were just a hair late...but the play to hill at end of 1st half was a beauty....keep in mind that he really is just in his 2nd or 3rd year as far as actual playing time...aaron rodgers threw 3 picks today and kurt warner had 5 picks last week..the 2nd pick was the worst throw, the last looked like interference on morgan...he could have hit gore for score on that long drive of over 9 minutes in 2nd half if he had put a little air under the ball and lopped it over the defender (it looked like no one was behind gore)

the receivers, save and for jason hill seemed uninspired today..crabtree had the tooth issue

i liked when raye opened up things with the reverse to morgan and the direct snap to gore, but they needed more gore runs today...the screen pass to gore early on was a great call...defenses have figured out norris up the gut on 2rd and short, but i liked the guts to go for it on 4th down, though pitch to gore almost failed..ironically, if niners kick field goal they have more time at end to try to get back in game

vernon davis was all pro today---irony or irony seeing him pull morgan out of a fight to keep niners from drawing a penalty

willis played all out and showed great speed running down johnson a few plays

im disappointed but encouraged about how close niners are to being a really good team
No. I blame Alex Smith for his 3 interceptions and two fumbles.
And it's hard to blame the defense when they just stopped the titans and forced a punt or field goal, and Alex Smith goes out there on the first play of the series and turns the ball over. Our defense does not get much rest, of course they're going to get tired.

Alex Smith couldn't beat the 1-6 Titans @home. He's the quarterback, he's responsible.

Shaun Hill would've won that game.. hands down.
glad to see some people know something about football.

ive been thoroughly embarrassed by the other fans on this board the last few weeks. you guys are making our fanbase look like an immature joke. crying about alex smith being useless 2 weeks after you were crowning him the savior.

for those of you who WATCH the games with your EYES, youd notice smith didnt play particularly bad, as much as his line continually broke down, and he had 1 or 2 of his INT's bounce off WR's hands. his fumble came while he was being hurled around in circles. kind of hard to hold onto the ball being spun around and then having it jabbed out of your tucked arm.

the defense let us down, the offense let us down, and the coaching let us down. it was a team effort. alex smith didnt play well, but he didnt play poorly enough to be the scapegoat for all our troubles. seriously. act like youve been a fan for longer than 3 weeks.

this team is still a work in progress. it was our stupid fault for making them out to be a super bowl contender out of the gate because of a couple wins. wed get trounced in the playoffs even if we made it this year.
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Take the 4 turnovers back and we win this game.
Originally posted by jcs:
Take the 4 turnovers back and we win this game.

IT says a lot about how bad they are, and a lot about how bad we are.. normally if u turn it over 4 times its a score similar to the falcons game..

we lost by a few, even with 4 turnovers..
The simple fact is, the only thing we were missing today, was top notch quarterbacking.

Our O-line gave him plenty of time.
Our receivers were wide open most of the day.
Our play calling did not create three n' outs like it usually does.

This one is on the quarterback.

He stares the receivers down before throwing the ball. Obviously he is not scanning the field. He runs out of the pocket too soon. He's just not that good.

We have to compare our quarterbacks to others in the NFL, and who is Smith better than? Think hard.

If he is not better than most, then he is not good enough.

In this league, without a top quarterback, its very tough to get to the playoffs, let alone win any games once you get there.

You better believe we need to draft a quarterback, and have him and Nate Davis battle and see if either can make an impact at this crucial position.

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This definitely was a team loss. Even Joe Nedney played a part in it. What the hell kind of onside kick was that?
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Too many turnovers. Tennessee got 21 points off our turnovers.

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No, I thought the defense played tough considering the speed of RB & QB. Harrylson missed tackle cuz of Johnson's ridiculous speed. More importantly, the D, O, & Special teams feed off each other. Defense isn't really inspired trotting back onto the field after another TO.
This was a whole team effort of SUCK.
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It's a tough loss, Just had too many turn overs. It's just we can't put together a complete game. Either the offense is good and the defense is! or passing game is working and the running game isn't or vice versa. We need to put a good complete solid team game.
The offense scored 27 points. There is no way that you can't put some of the blame on the defense for giving up 34 points. There were points in the game when the defense should have stopped the Titans and they didn't.

Allowing the Titans to drive the ball down the field and giving up big passing and running pays is just crazy. Sure the turnovers hurt but if the defense stopped the Titans ON DRIVES after the 49ers SCORED we could have won.

Very few teams win when the defense gives up over 30 POINTS!!!
Originally posted by kdogg:
No, I thought the defense played tough considering the speed of RB & QB. Harrylson missed tackle cuz of Johnson's ridiculous speed. More importantly, the D, O, & Special teams feed off each other. Defense isn't really inspired trotting back onto the field after another TO.

The defense gave up points after the 49ers scored. You can't just explain away 34 points.
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