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Which do we need more?

Which do we need more?

This ones a tough one for me.
Our DBs get torched often. Not sure why teams arent just coming out and throwing bombs every damn play of the game against us.
DB run support isnt great. Nate was doing ok, Goldson has nice hits from time to time, but we lack speed I think.

Our QBs havent had the time they need. Alex is at least mobile and can occaisionally get away form the rush and get off a pass.
We shoulda resigned Smiley, hope we can get some help in FA for the line.

Do we have a better chance with more help in the defense or the offense?

Maybe we lose out, Carolina loses out and we pick up Berry for DB help and the BPA for Oline help.
O-Line for sure
O line, no question...
Oline. We need more playmakers on the defense as well.
At least with a better O-line, the offense can keep up with the score when our corners and safeties let the WR get past them.
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It's not even close. Our OL is made up of a bunch of heartless f**king pussies. Worst OL I have ever witnessed, and I've been a fan for 25 years. Sorry for the language, but I'm sick and tired of this s**t. That's what 7 years of losing does to you.
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When you win the war in the trenches you are probably going to win the game. We have a bottom 3 Oline in this league...possibly the worst. We need more than just a draft pick Oline man too, we should also start looking into F/A as well.
Not a tough one. Not tough at all.

O line
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o-line and pass rush
First you build your offensive line, then you bulk up the defense.

How the hell is this tough?

A new team and a new owner.
Snyder is so f*cking bad.

I need to note that does not mean the rest of the fatties on our Oline are good. I just wanted to vent about Snyder's horrendous play. I will get to the others later.
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