BreakingStatement from Reuben Foster's girlfriend says 49ers linebacker did not strike her

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I cant wait to hear Singletary

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He's Nolan 2.0. He's too stubborn to admit his mistakes. He'll be asked about Jason Hill and he'll give you the same b.s. He'll be asked about Raytard and give the same old answer.

Your kidding right? Nolan would have probably still had Shuan Hill in there, would have never started Crabtree, would have never benched Roman or Clements and probably would keep Jason Hill inactive all year. You can't blame Singletary for tyring to win, he certainly wants to win and is not affraid to make changes. Plus I think Jimmy Raye showed yesterday he can open it up and be more creative.

We lost yesterday because we turn the ball over 4 times!!!! You can't blame the coaches for that!

Singletary sucks so does Raytard. They came here together, now they leave together. Bring in somebody who's not stubborn and who will actually throw the ball and call a good football game.

Did you even watch the game yesterday?
He'll be saying "Four team in a row punched us in the mounth"
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