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Im guaranteeing a Smith megacomeback in the next game!

I'm guaranteeing A Hill mega comeback by the end of the next game, followed by a Smith mega-mega comeback, followed by a tazer wildcat hybrid featuring a 2 QB backfield and an ultra mega skookum deluxe comeback of both Hill and Smith, followed by....championship!!!!

That's what I am talkin about..LMFAO
sorry but jason hill hasn't done enough until today. especailly his 4th qrtr td then his dumb celebration??????? dude is a joke.
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Originally posted by B650:
We're still a work in progress. Hopefully we can finish up the season strong and have some momentum for next season.

Sounds like a broken record.

Be patient fans, we share your pain. Please be assured that we are closing in on the final stage of rebuilding, building a winning team is a long road, but we have been faithful and dedicated. The lord will reward us.
True that re. OL play, I hope this season proves to Scot & coaching staff that OL talent and guards...i.e. Smiley... are not a dime a dozen = MAJOR set back to our OL and thus, the offense's development/success.

Of course, 20/20 being what it is when drafting...big mistakes: Cody Wallace < Carl Nicks (NO) or Duane Thomas (Miami) AND not pulling the trigger on M.Oher when he slipped past Detroit @ #20...are there an OTs in next draft any better than Oher?-cheaper to pay #1 pick in the 20s than paying for one in the top 10 esp for OL.

Time to move on with the youngsters on the WR corps...Jason Hill/Brandon Jones need to be on the field more and Bruce/Morgan/Battle need to take a break...Hill/Jones have had lots of practice time with ASmith. Whatever issues Sullivan may have w/Hill/Jones needs to end now...esp. w/Hill's performance today.

Make or break for ASmith the rest of the season, this is actually only his third season after missing 2007/08 with injuries. I see big improvements and poise over is 2006 experience. And with continuity (not changing OCs and hopefully better OL play next year), and Alex's work ethic and athletic ability,I have faith in the team's long term success. However, this season's not over 'til the fat lady Sings.
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