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When does Crabtree score his first NFL touchdown?

When does Crabtree score his first NFL touchdown?

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this x2
Definitely this week...I'm thinking 1st half. The key to beating Tenn is to get on top...and take them out of their running game as much as possible. We can get pressure on Young and force some turnovers.
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Crabtree will have two on sunday and more this season than heyward bey will have in his career.

Harsh no?

the truth is.
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hell get his first touchdown when catches the ball for the first time in the endzone or breaks the goal line with the ball in his possession

Unless that play is called back by a penalty.
That catch/non catch on the first play of the game was unbeleivable!! For some reason it reminded my of this:

OK lets not make that comparison. I hate B llyod and his horrible raps. But i'm really excited about crabtree. He needs to get in the endzone though. When do you think he scores?

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im pretty sure there s a thread already on this somewhere
really? shoot
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