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I know this is kind of unrelated, but I completely understand most people's frustration with singletary and the running game and how they feel it hinders our offensive ability. however just look at the last game for instance. Besides that big run from frank gore we had little to no success running the ball, yet a lot of big plays in the passing game came off of play action. Hence the DB's respected the run enough to bite on the fake. I think one of the main problems is lack of diversity in the run game. I still believe we can have a successfull run game even with this o line. We just need to mix in more counters, screens, draws, and stretch plays. Someone else pointed this out in another thread and I agree with it i feel like we run an inside dive play way too often. Now I do not have a problem with the dive but when you mix in the dive with a more diverse run game the overall effect is much much more succesfull. Thoughts?

Makes sense and we should definitely try this approach before giving up entirely on our run game. I'm surprised we haven't yet! A balanced attack is always better than a run only or pass only, as some would suggest. You have to keep the D honest so they can't stack against a specific attack. However, I think we should pass to set up the run, since no one respects our run game anyway.

If they didn't respect our run game, they wouldn't stack the box like they do.

Please, what's to respect? It's not respect for our run game, it's disrespect for our passing game (at least with Hill; we'll have to see how teams respond to Alex as he progresses).