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If Alex does well the rest of the season do we extend him?

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Maybe we shouldnt be running a ball control offense when we cant run the ball. Atleast airing it out to a certain extent gives you a chance to potentially running the ball.
Right on, OTC. I see good things for Alex and the offense...providing the OL holds up reasonably well, and Raye opens up the playbook more. We're still not utilizing all the talent we have...for example, Walker...MRob, just to name two. Add Brandon Jones...he's barely gotten a sniff since coming back from injury. All three guys can play...get 'em the freakin' football! Run the wildcat/taser, whatever you want to call gives DC's something else to think about and gives Alex a break once in awhile. Fans who're putting it all on Alex are just haters...and that's too bad, because the kid has had nothing but bad breaks save his second season and I'm thrilled he's doing well now...good on him.
IIRC, Smith is under contract this year and next year. Would it not make more sense to wait and see how he plays next year as the day 1 starter (if he is the starter) before reupping him?

I can't see the Niners signing the guy to an extension based on 10 or 12 games. I think we'll see him play next year on the last year of his deal, unless he plays really well this year AND he accepts a modest deal. I'd rather wait a year, be sure about his development, and then pay more for the extension.
We should just let him go. For fun.
If he continues to play like he has for the rest of this season, and to open up the next season... we sign him to a nice hefty contract. There is nothing our front office wants to see more than to have Smith become a productive QB... and at this point it looks like it may happen. If they haven't cut him already they will not let him slip away.

I'm praying for Smith to show he is finally ready so that we can use our draft picks on Berry/Mays and hopefully Okung, which will shore up allot of needs for years to come. That's allot of wishful thinking for us to get those two players though...
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you said extend

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If he plays like this for the rest of the season they will surely renegotiate during the off season. Hey, they could just get the details from his original contract!!

No way do you leave it until the end of next season. How long have we been looking for a franchise qb? And when you have found someone who might just be able to develop into one, you want to run the risk of losing him? Don't think so.

At least he is not likely to want to follow Nolan!!
Definitely sign him after a good performance, Nate Davis second string, & Hill can slide down to 3rd string
I want to see him take control of this team regardless of the horrible play calling and drive us down the field and get us TD's. Last week he did pretty good, but during the last drive he failed to get us down field. I know we have a horrible OL, but a franchise QB will put all that aside and do what he needs to do.

Aaron Rodgers almost won the game for them after being down by I think at least 14 points going into the 3rd or 4th quarter, he has a even more s**tty OL and going against an elite Vikings pass rush he was able to drive his troops and score to almost tie up the game, too bad their D couldn't hold up. I want him to do exactly that to know for sure he is our franchise QB. Pretty sure if he does become that QB he will be resigned.
The 9ers need to treat him just like every other player on the team. If he plays well and they decide he's important to the team’s future, then they need to lock him up early. If he plays only so-so, then they should wait and see during next season and then revisit signing him before the end of next season if he plays well enough. If he's mediocre to poor, then let him walk. His future with the team is in his hands, and that’s how it should be.
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3. show better ability to improvise - i'm not convinced of him getting rid of his habit to simply go towards the sideline and throwing away the ball. I want to see him atleast attempt to make something out of the play.

Yeah, that is one of my pet peeves also. He almost always just runs out of bounds or throws the ball away.

Id rather have that, than shaun duck hill, waiting too long.. then trying to scramble, only to run directly into a defender and get sacked.

Yeah, but Alex can make something out of the play than just running out of bounds without picking up yardage or just throwing the ball away. There's got to be a reciever down field he can hit when he's scrambling like that.

That sir, is a recipe for interceptions.

Yes, there are times that a QB can scramble away and find someone, but very often those plays are picked off.

Lets let Alex get comfortable back there before we start expecting him to play like Steve Young. ;-)
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If he shows that he can be a franchise QB, they will resign him very quickly before his contract expires.

That's pretty much it. The same for any player really. If you don't play you're not getting paid.
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