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Back home from INDY game with Frank Gore 64 yd TD Gameball in Hand!!

great story!

I bet Frank felt good to have a niner fan in the stands!
Awesome!!!! I knew that was you!!! After you posted where your seats were, I knew it had to be you.
I see your ass in almost every away game, they always show you when we score.

That is f**king amazin!!! you lucky f**ker
Man that must be fun going into other peeps houses around the country and reppin what the funnest stadium thus far?
Originally posted by SF2AZNiner:
Man that must be fun going into other peeps houses around the country and reppin what the funnest stadium thus far?

Well nicest stadium of course is the new Dallas stadium.. But the funniest stadium is from 2007 believe it or not Qwest field seahawks... That stadium is not only hella loud and cool.. but the fans actually know when to cheer and when not to. I sat in their Hawks nest for that one it was a blast lol even tho we got shut out
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damn...i can't even meet a 49er....

so trippy, I was actually thinking to myself that Gore must have spotted a Niner jersey in the good rows to point him out like that.
Congrats, great job!
wow you must have cummed in your pants

That is beyond pimp............I'm jealous...
Originally posted by Fricker:
Actually ya i do wear the #6 Joe Nedney fully authentic jersey :P Seperates me from everyone else so you know who i am

Originally posted by Ceadderman:
Originally posted by Gore_21:
YOU LITTLE FRICKER!!!! Joe Nedney balls and game winning cleats and now this.... you are one lucky guy. Oh yeah and you got to be on KTLA 5 during the Dallas game.

Nah, I seen Gore start pointing then kind of hesitated and went back and started walking towards someone. Wow, congratulations man!!!

Fricker, what jersey where you wearing? Nedney?

Hadda be Frank's.

I don't see him passing off a game ball let alone record pace End Zone ball to someone wearing a Kicker's jersey. Even Ned's jersey.

"It's the Kicker!???? The guy got liquored up... It's the Kicker?!!!!"


My bad man, but you can't blame me for thinkin that you wore #21. I myself would wear the number that gets there more often. Though over the last 5 years there are two. Ned and Andy's.

That's a great story. I'm not typically into sports memorabilia, but that's just plain awesome!
damn that's awesome! Congrats!
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Man, for some reason I had a feeling that was you he was pointing at..I was like "Man, I bet you that dude Fricker made it to the game and Gore is pointing at him" I shyt you know that thought crossed my mind..

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