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Watching the game on an iPhone

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Has anybody had success watching the games on an iPhone? I have tried the TVU app for the iPhone and it didn't work too well for me.

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I watched a preseason game at work on TVU.. Worked ok.

Now I have supercast and watch any Sunday game in good quality.
Drectv worked ! but you have to have subscription !
  • utahninerfan
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TVU has worked well for me on my PC, just not on my iPhone.
watch games on my touch pro all the time....

just loaded it up on my htc hero as well....

windows phones have flash so that is a no-brainer...

android will be the first os to support 10.1 native(not just a root job)

iphone uses same html base as android...i am sure it will eventually support flash
  • utahninerfan
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Are you using TVU on your Touch?
i have flash....idont need a "wrapper"

i bring it up in the broswer from justin or i stream it straight in to my memory card and watch it later.

the cool things with the htc hero and touch pro is i can plug either phone in to any hd tv and watch the game on the big screen
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