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Singletary's Approval Rating

Singletary's Approval Rating

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I'm just curious as to how many people still back Singletary and think he's the guy who should be leading us. When he was first hired, I'm sure nearly everyone was behind him, but now as this season has progressed, it's becoming somewhat cloudier. Is he really the right guy for the job? He's made some pretty bad decisions, and his philosophy doesn't seem to match our talents. I'm still hopeful that we're going to make the playoffs and I think Singletary could be the right guy, but I think he has to be more flexible and let the offense loose. He keeps saying stuff like "we play to win," and "we need to finish," but it seems like we only play to win when we're behind. If we ever have a lead, I don't see any aggressiveness.


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I'm 100% behind coach Singletary. We are finally looking good. Once we get a o-line that can run block, we will be a force.
It's clear we need some better personal in certain positions (o-line specifically). I think Singletary has done a great job with some of our young talent (Willis, Davis), but I do wish we would have hired a more creative mind as OC because he's not the 'X's and O's' HC that can fix our issues there. I love the guy, though, and hope he proves his doubters wrong and takes us into the playoffs this year, which I believe he'll do.
I hope he realizes sooner rather than later that you need an offensive coordinator to win games...and you need to win game to keep your job. I dont care if he doesnt give another motivational speech all year, i just want him to find someone who knows how to call plays.

He sucks.
I think he is a good coach right now.

However, He needs to learn that we have to keep scoring in order to win.
What I like about him is his willingness to make the changes we need. He is great at that. Coming up with a great creative game plan not so much.
Was a big supporter at the beginning of the season. However, I have to say looking iffy right now. A good coach should of recognized from training camp what his troops strength and weaknesses were. To say you want to play smash mouth football is one thing. To actually deliver the goods is another. A good coach also shows flexibility. Granted he has shown the ability to adapt but he needs to put the pressure on Raye to be more assertive in his play calling and he needs to make better personnel decisions. I think this team could use a good return man right now and it shows. With one, we could have possibly won the last two games because of solid field position. Strap it on guys, if coach Sing don't get a handle on this thing we could be in for a long season.

Jimmy Raye is the problem here
Sing has concluded that vintage football, he calls it throwback, is simply the best way to play. Keep it simple and motivate people. It is what he believes in.

He has a huge personal stake in this. He will either win with it or go down in flames with it.

He has a golden parachute.

The Yorks could tell him to stay away from the offense, but that seems unrealistic.

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
He sucks.

Are you ever happy?
Who’s really to blame is it poor Jimmy Raye who’s doing what he was hired to do, Which at the time make this offense a more of a ball control run first run second and throw on third & short which is more suited to Hill’s strength & not Smith’s. Now Smith is in & we are still trying to run the same offensive plays, we can all see that when Smith is in the spread he is a whole lot better. Or do you blame the HC Sing for not letting Raye not only play more of a spread offense but just throw the dame ball more. We have at least 4 good wr on this team why can’t we use them all? Or do you blame the GM Scott? I blame him most of all, cause for Sing to tell Raye let it loose they need an offensive line. Let’s face facts the 49ers line sucks, they can’t run block, they can’t pass block, they can’t go out there & do anything right now consistently that’s why the 49ers lead the league in three & outs. That line will not hold up in a spread offense or throwing the ball as much as some of us want to see them throw. Hell if you take out Gore’s big runs this offense scores only one TD. To me this line has one good player & that’s Heitmann all the others are back ups on other teams. I’m sorry but their GM is the cause to this problem, he won’t pay for Guards, all he ever brings here are beat up players. Look at the last 2 tackles, just because he won’t pay offensive linemen. Get Smith & Gore AN OFFENSIVE LINE. This team has a good HC & the OC is ok, their defense is good enough to take the 49ers to the playoff. Until they fix the line the playoff is just a dream
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I like to give coaches 3 full years.

I gave nowin 3 before writing him off.

I am giving Singletary 3.

So far I believe he is on the right track.

My only concern is ability to adjust during Games
Good head coach and I think getting better. Ultimately though he will be judged on the job his OC does since he fired Mike Martz and hired Jimmy Raye and right now that decision does not look like a good one!
Sing+Raye+SM=one big pile of garbage.
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