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Im "happy" that we LOST........

Originally posted by Spoonerism:
We're doing fine. We're a young team and need to gel and mature. It will happen over the course of the season. I swear it's always doomsday around here.

And on the menu tonight in 49er chat:

Whineburgers, French Cries, and Hater Tots.

LMAO! finally someone i agree with! I think the niner players themselves should start drafting Fantasy Fans.....some of these fans wouldnt even make the bench...

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We are going to the play-offs
Originally posted by Spoonerism:
We're doing fine. We're a young team and need to gel and mature. It will happen over the course of the season. I swear it's always doomsday around here.

And on the menu tonight in 49er chat:

Whineburgers, French Cries, and Hater Tots.

We're 3-4 and on a 4 game losing streak. That doesn't sound fine to me. If we were in any division other than the NFC West we'd be hanging out in the draft forum all day long.

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Originally posted by RonMexico:
good job

your title made me click on the thread


Solid game against the best team in football...and a weak schedule ahead! If the 9ers end up 8-8 it will be a possitive and we have 4 picks in the first three rounds of the draft to find OL help, S, and Passrush...areas we have not addressed realistically. I give Singletary credit for not sticking with Hill, opening up the game (check the pss vs rush statistics) and putting a fire under certain players (Rachal had a better game).

I like Shanahan but don't see Jed firing Singletary after an improved year. It would be nice to find a young OC who understands play calling.
Originally posted by danimal:
At 3-4 I am satisfied.

Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan: are right...Shanahan's the guy for our team. Holmgren wouldn't be bad, but I think he'd be a better GM than field boss. Shanahan would FIX our offense...look back at his career in OL's, great production out of his RB's, imaginative offense. We have to break out of this conservative crap...Martz is too extreme, that's why he's not coaching in the league now. But, Shanahan...he's a Walsh disciple, and would be a natural fit in SF. A lot of things would change...major reworking of OL and RB's, but those are things we all know we need. We just need the right guy to pull the trigger, another thing we know Shanahan wouldn't be shy about doing.

I appreciate the positives Singletary has brought...but, I can't support him as the long-term answer as our head coach. Jed needs to cut his losses...because despite all the talk about the playoffs, it's just a pipe dream 'til this team figures out how to close games out. I really don't see that happening under Singletary...I really don't.

Maybe a pipe dream but having Mike Holmgren as the GM, Turner the OC and Shanahan as the HC could do wonders for this team.

However they can still have Singletary as the HC with Holmgren as the GM and Turner as the OC and it would be OK. This is very possible because I think that Turner is at the end of the rope in San Diego, and Holmgren wants to get back (as I recall) as a GM after taking a year off. Jed just needs to see the light and don't let himself get talked into keeping "RUN, RUN, Raye".

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I'm sure everyone here is just as pissed and frustrated as you are. The season is not over and we're not eliminated from playoff contention. November will be a critical month for this team. We always seem to play better in December.
Originally posted by FourNine49:
I'm never happy when we lose a game. What kind of fan is?

The worst part is going to work after a lost & hearing it from other fans especially the ones that won that particular week

Let's not get away from where we stand as an offense or playcalling.

Do you know how bad we suck?

Let's see, their QB did not throw 1 TD and no one rushed for a TD AND WE STILL LOST!!

That's how bad we suck.

No moral victories here.

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Originally posted by billbird2111:
Originally posted by danimal:
At 3-4 I am satisfied.

we should be 5-2 if it was not for coaching being conservative !
Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
QB was not the problem today.

Well - When he had us in position to win the game, he took too much time, then got sacked. Same story last week. Smith played OK (actually much better than I thought he could), but a good QB wins those games.
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Amazing. This entire thread is full of "I expected this" and "Im glad we hung in there against a great team" nonsense. This was exactly the point of my post. We've become so accustomed to losing as a fanbase, it's nauseating.

NO, this team is not getting better. Ive been hearing this s**t since the beginning of the Nolan era. Hanging in with a good team does not count as getting better; I could easily counter and say we got ass raped against a SB contender (ATL) and lost to a team that probably wont even make it to the playoffs (HOU). The fact of the matter is that this team has been consistently mediocre-to-garbage since Alex Smith was drafted. Again, this is not a bash Alex Smith thread, and Im not saying he's the reason why we suck. It's just that since the Smith era began, this team has been content with the status quo. Not making any major moves; hoping the draft will miraculously make us an instant contender. Once in a while we pick up other team's leftovers (eg Bruce, Larry Allen, etc.) and hope those guys can plug in for glaring needs while we develop younger guys.

QB IS A MAJOR NEED for us. Again, we're falling for the same trap over and over again. We've done this with Smith, and we've done it with Hill. It's not that Smith is playing great, but rather that he's playing great as compared to Hill. And thats why we go bonkers every time he completes a 15 yard throw, etc. etc. And Im not taking anything away from his play (because he deserves credit for it), but this is the same tune we sang for Hill LAST YEAR when he relieved JTO, and the same tune we sang the year before that........only to be disappointed the year after. Yes, Smith may finish the season semi-strong, but if we go into the offseason with the mentality that Smith is the future, then next year will be another one wasted.

COACHING is a flaw. I love Sing's motivational speeches, but he just doesnt get football. Correction: he just doesnt get football in this century. In a league where the WCO runs rampant and teams like the Colts/Pats/Chargers/Saints air it out frequently, Sing is trying to revert back to a form of the game that is nonexistent. The Bears of the 80s had only the Niners to worry for (in terms of explosive offenses). Back in that era, most teams preferred a conservative, low scoring battle. Again, it's not going to happen, and as we've seen so far......we're ending up at the shorter end of the stick. The best case scenario is to get a guy like Shanahan in here. For one, it brings instant attention to the team and its fanbase. And two, you have a football guy that can work the team from the bottom up. That includes improving the line, QB, receivers, RBs, etc.

Until we as a fanbase demand more from the team, we'll be no better than our neighbors from across the Bay. The Raiders are a joke of a franchise not only from an organizational perspective, but also because their fans are lackadaisical and are more worried about the outfits they wear to their home games than what the team does on the field.
I know man. When the hell are we gonna get over "I hope we are competitive" against the elite teams. I've been tired of this BS.
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Originally posted by danimal:
just stop having stupid unrealistic expectations and seasons will be much more enjoyable people.

I predicted 7-9, and I am not happy they lost, I am bummed. But I am not losing my mind, because it all makes sense.

As long as you set realistic expectations then the Niners can only pleasantly surprise or deliver what you expected from the beginning.

At 3-0 I was pleasantly surprised. At 3-4 I am satisfied.

Funny at 3-0, I was not happy, I knew we were 3-0 in spite of the joke we had of a QB and that team was headed for 5-11. Now at 3-4 I am happy, a 4 point loss on the road to a team that will probably playing in the Super Bowl, is something to be encouraged about. The pie thrower would have lost that game 45-10, this team looks to have a future. The one under Hill did not.
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