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Vernon Davis: Are you kidding me!

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replay the tape....Chilo was the one taking pictures of VD

yep and then Morgan followed him

more importantly, i do believe Morgan went to a knee.

I can't believe this thread is still alive, lets just let this one drift away like it should have a long time ago.

It proves that this penalty was not Vernon Davis's fault in any way contrary to what others thought.
Sure there is a way it is Davis' fault. All he had to do when the other guys ran up to him was slap them on the A$$ and jog to the sidelines. Instead, he struck up poses while they simulated picture taking. How does that not implicate him in the penalty?

...but let it die if you want, I don't care nor will I change my mind about the fact Davis had a regression in both perfomance and behavior in this game. Now let's see how he does Sunday.

Davis was an accessory to the penalty. I still have more of an issue of his effort at times. He could have leveled a DB but he decided to keep standing straight up and allow the DB's hit to send him out of bounds.
I'm sure Iron Mike had a nice talk with Davis at some time this week.

As physically gifted as he is, he is still learning how to play the pro game - and that means the physical part as well as the mental portion.

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He's been in the end zone more than any other receiver this year. But the one time he forgets that, we have to kick off from the 15. If Indy didn't get those last three points, than we would have been playing for a FG and not had the urgency to have to find the end zone one more time.

It was pretty obvious Vernon wanted people to come up and pretend to take pics of him. If he would have throw the ball to the ref and run off the field to high fives and chest bumps like he has done the previous times this year, his team mates wouldn't have been in position to be called for excessive celebration.

That's why I blame Vernon even though the call went against 84.

Don't think it should of been a penalty but, I gotta agree with you. Save celebration for the sidelines. Vernon being the captin is as much to blame just as morgan was. Celebrating is extra added entertainment but if there are rules saying excessiveness will be penalized why jepordize 15yrds. We don't see Gore getting those kind of penalties.
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