okay, first and foremost i liked how tough we played against this great colts undefeated team. especially at their home turf. Let me tell you why we lost and what our problem has been all year long...

1... our O line sucks! something we need to address quickly! or at least what we need to fix coming into next season. Snyder sucks and so does baas and rachal. I hated watching the colts line block everyone and their running back just sitting there waiting for anyone the niners blitzed!!!!

2... WE NEED A STUD PASS RUSHER!!!!! wouldv traded one first rounder for a sign and trade with either peppers or merriman. should of done that 2 years ago for Jared allen. Our pass rush sucks, even our blitz looks weak because of it. i hate seeing smith all bloodied up carrying 2 guys evry single time! thats all that needs to be done, double smith cause no one else brings pressure.

3.... JIMMY RAYE!!!!!!!! jimmy raye showed me today that he sucks as an offence coordiator....... on just one play! we run it on 2nd and long with Norris??????!!!!!!????? wtf was that???? i swear, who calls that play? ever? i know its just one play, but it speaks volumes of what what jimmy raye is all about. hes too conservative and seems to not know what the hell to do.

let me put it this way, his "TRICK" plays are just normal plays in todays nfl!! lol
addais touchdown pass, now thats what you call a trick play! Please Coach Sing, notice these things before its too late

side notes: crabtree played a heck of a game but showed rookie mistakes on a couple plays. guess what? hes a rookie! so not too mad on his play. im sure he will adapt to protect the ball better as time goes by. .....Alex smith played an "okay" game, considering our O line problems and jimmy rayes play calling. reason for "okay" play was holding on to the ball too long on just a couple pays and that over thrown ball to bruce. those are crucial plays!

The niners got what they wished for. They had one of our best defenders returning punts?? well this is what it turned out to: what looks like a broken arm and almost 400 yards of passing offense by the colts