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what would you like to see inside of the new stadium?

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speakers in the bathrooms to know what's going on

You guys don't have speakers or tv's in the bathrooms?

49er Cheerleaders to help you out in the bathrooms

the goldrush cheerleaders serving beer with a smile up and down the aisles.
more bars....
The 49ers crushing the Steelers for our 7th SB trophy, and reclaiming the #1 spot.
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Originally posted by jreff22:
A winning team
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
statue of joe montana and bill walsh.

+ 1
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Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
statue of joe montana and bill walsh.

+ 1

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I want to see a catapult on each side of the stadium so when other teams' fans get too loud, we can throw them in there and fling them out of the stadium.

What else?

I want the seats to be leather.

I want LCD screens that come out of from under the chair so you can see the action up close.

I want the field goal posts to be controlled by the fans via remote control. When the opposing team attempts to kick a field goal, we should all be able to move the field goal posts up, down, left, or right.

Lastly, we should all be given headsets to assist in play calling. If we still have Jimmy Raye and we see them going into another run formation, we should be able to audible to another play call. That way, we'll have no complains on message boards because we're assisting in calling the plays.

That is all.
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I want to see 100% niner fans.

cheaper food.

no more 5 dollars for a bottle of water
10 dollars for some nachoes and a drink
8 dollars for a freakin hot dog.
Hot cheerleaders like the Bucs and Jags cheerleaders...

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oh my gawd

Our cheerleaders don't look remotely like that...
A sushi bar. Your welcome.
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Our cheerleaders do look like that.
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