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Crabtree's 1st 49er start video

Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
thanks Obe. You happy we're finally gonna get to watch a game on TV??? I can't wait!

are they showin it on FOX? b.c the morning game just says nfl football.. cbs has no morning game here in LA/OC
Nice vid but the replays for that tough 1st down catch should have been on there. They had a couple real good looks at that play and it was a great catch.
All of those 5 catches were for first downs on 2nd or 3rd down

The kid has ice (or is it sea water lol) in his claws
WOW! you can see the difference from Hills lame slow ducks to Alexs clean crisp passes.
I like how he grabbed the football way up in the air without leaving his feet, and was ready to turn and make that extra effort and fight thru two defenders for the first down yardage.
This has been posted on since Monday... its their video haha. They do a good job anyway.
Originally posted by wysiwyg:
All of those 5 catches were for first downs on 2nd or 3rd down

The kid has ice (or is it sea water lol) in his claws

Not all of them went for 1st downs (his first catch was a screen for 4 yards). When we drafted Crabtree I was sooo excited to watch him play bc he about catches everything thrown his way. He must have really strong hands bc he just attacks the ball and waste no time. I wantched him really well through his senior year in Texas Tech and the only thing I was wandering was it gonna be hard for him to learn the new routes in the NFL bc Texas Tech is a preety deep hitch and go offense/bubble screen (Wes Welker ring a bell). I really wanted to see Alex take a shot deep down field bc he attacks the ball so well and I would be willing to bet he wins in that with one on one coverage. Crabtree really put a smile on my face last weekend.
Good job. Can't wait to see Crabtree get even better as the season goes.
Unfortunately i think this week will be a shoot out with the colts, i just don't see us holding manning down, so i think crabs will get 7-9 catches with a TD or two.
Thanks Obe

Love his hands.
Great hands. Thanks for the video.
I also liked his reception that was negated by Morgan's penalty. Just a nice throw and catch.
Worth wait
Originally posted by foreign49er:
Worth wait

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