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Going forward, who scores the most TD's?

Going forward, who scores the most TD's?

Let me clarify. Vernon obviously has a nice head start on TD's. My intent here is to discuss who is going to be the most productive weapon we have on offense from this point on. Let's start with a clean slate. The New (and hopefully improved) Alex Smith Era if you will.

Edited for clarification.
[ Edited by TDilvr on Oct 28, 2009 at 1:34 PM ]
no one will get more the VD ! tell you why VD is the primary on goal line , it's Ray's O

unless the D's put 3 on him and leave Craptree , Morgan & Bruce one on one !
Vernon is the touchdown machine for this team. That much should be obvious by now even to KRIZAY...
Well, I've never heard of a backwards touchdown, so I'll say everyone gets forward touchdowns this season.
It's gonna be kindda hard to catch up to VD. He's tearing s**t up.
With defenses maybe paying more attention to Davis and Crabtree. Gore better put his mittens on. Short passes are coming his way. I guess he can do the rest running after the catch for TDs
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