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Die hard Niner fan

This is me in Cleveland in 27 degree weather. The 49ers photog took this picture of me. The sign says it all: Tickets 2200, Miles Traveled 48936, and yes in 2007 I attended all 16 of my teams games, I attended 12 in 08 and have attended 4 so far this year, stubs to prove all.

Funny thing.. I live in Texas, so every game is an away game. I now do 1 shirtless game a year. Last year was Buffalo 14 degrees with frozen rain. I have video proof.

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Your shirt is off though. Is that really necessary?

Originally posted by B650:

Your shirt is off though. Is that really necessary?

Its not me, its a contest that upper deck is putting on.

Shoot a video, take a picture or send in a written entry, submit it here and we’ll post it for all to see. The Ultimate NFL Fan with the best entry, as judged by Upper Deck, will win the Ultimate Ticket Package:

Twenty tickets to an NFL game for your favorite team!

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Your very own personalized Upper Deck NFL trading card to be included in a 2010 Football trading card set.
Good for you.

Originally posted by Dr_Gonzo:
Good for you.

why lock the man? ....... From where I sit, he is pretty damn committed. As far as being a true 49'er faithful fan! As well as being from Dallas! ........ good on 'ya mate!


I gotta get myself to a game one of these days.

Dude, you're crazy, but I love the dedication. Keep it up!
I give you the award for die hard niner fan in terms of traveling. Not many people would or could do that. "Revrend.......You got balls big as church bells."
Little FYI

MadMartz said that is not him
How do you afford that? That's a lot of time on the road, hotels, airline tickets, car travel / gas / car rental, meals out, game tickets, parking, souvineers, food and drinks at the game. Man that's got to be thousands and thousands per year easily for some games.

Originally posted by RonMexico:
Little FYI

MadMartz said that is not him

That's real passion. You're definitely a true fan.
I thought it was Mad Martz too.
Some advice Mad:

Do some pushups!

You'll look better out there representing!

Kudos to you!

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