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Niner vs. Txns photos

  • texaniner
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I went to my 2nd Niner game and it was great. well atleast the 2nd half was.... well untill the last play. who else went to the game? post some pics here if u would like... and how do i post the actual pictures? help anyone please
Gore telling everyone to get it together
crabtree not being nervous
Gore worming up before game
"Man we better win"
pre game, warming up just in case Hill doesnt cut it
  • texaniner
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I have better pics but that site only lets me upload a couple.... does anyone know how to post the actual picture?
  • 49erTone
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great pics! and damn I love our uni's still
  • texaniner
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I have some real good close up's of some players just need help postn
When you post, click the button to the left of the the button with the picture of the camera.

Hey, I think I remember seeing you (and your wife/gf, :P). I took some video, but I don't think it came out that great.

I'll check it later and see if it is any good.
I use and haven't had a problem with it. You can upload hundreds of photos on it.

For posting photos just hit the mountain yellow button next to the globe and video camera. Paste the url of the image and hit ok.

Thanks for the nice clear photos!
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Nice pictures.

nice pics man.

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