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who thinks we should stick with the spread offense?

who thinks we should stick with the spread offense?

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Originally posted by WestCoast:
I know Alex like the spread cuz he used it in Utah and we have the talent for it, but isn't the goal to keep Peyton off the field??

If we run the spread doesn't that just make it harder on our defense?

We can still run the ball.
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Originally posted by FederalAgent49:

Originally posted by BirdmanJr:
Yes not only is it Smith's strong suit, but Crabtree's too


For too often we haven't played to our players strengths. Under Mike NoWIN we played to our players weaknesses... Now under Singletary I hope that is different. Certain players are good at certain things. Alex Smith was outstanding at the spread offense in college and so was Crabtree.

Why try to fit a square peg in a round hole? Why not just give a square peg a square hole that fits it best? I've never understood why the 49ers keep doing this and i hope it changes soon.
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We need to do what works and scores points...
Originally posted by 49ersMan420:
We need to do what works and scores points...

That's what works.
I'm sorry but I think that the Offense should be a bit of Both.

The Rushing game should set up the pass.

But not so much that you go 2-3 plays consistently running the ball.

It sets us up for a hard road.

I think that Raye should use the playbook that he installed, but work in the spread formation to take advantage of the Offensive threats that we have.

The reason why I do not believe that we should go strictly to Smith's strength is that the Offensive Line is a HUGE weak spot. Running the Spread singularly, won't help that. It will help keep Gore fresh, but only because now he's going to be essentially a Receiver.

Also as much as Philly works the WCO, that's what they use and only when they had T.O. did they get to the next step. And it didn't help them either.

I also think that running the Spread limits Alex's growth and potential to grow to the next step.

Great player's can be great because they aren't afraid to adapt. Solid players stick to one style of play and they excel at that. I think that Alex CAN be a great player. Limiting him only makes him solid and I don't see "solid" players winning many rings or Championships. Screw the "Big Ben" talk. Big Ben got his rings but not in straight up fashion. Was that his fault? No. But it is what it is. No other winning SB QB had those QB Ratings.

As I see it for Alex to be great he has to have something he knows "the Spread" as well as the things that he has worked on "the Numbers systems" combined. This is not the NCAA. If we want that then by all means stick to watching College ball and leave the NFL alone.

I apologize if this came off as a rant.

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i don't think isaac bruce should be starting either. josh morgan and michael crabtree should be starting, with jason hill or brandon jones as the 3rd wr. bruce is too old, he runs good routes but with these young fast corners now a days, that gets him nowhere. it's time for bruce to hangem up.
first, alex smith is more comfortable in the spread type of offense. Yes it makes it a little easier for the offensive line. It also will help out gore and the running game. Last but not least, michael crabtree can flourish in this spread offensive scheme. He can catch some screen passesand run slants and also comeback and hitch routes. The only problem is josh morgan has got to stop being so damn lazy and stop playing so sloppy. He has all the potential in the world, but it doesn't mean crap if you don't show some initiative.
I think we need to be flexible with our offense. I think the spread and shotgun is great. But if that is it then it is just as vanilla as what we have been. I would like to see multiple formations and looks and game plans that let us beat our opponents.

My favorite is our ability to have two tight ends on the field with walker and davis and still have the ability to suddenly be a spread offense.

Originally posted by FederalAgent49:

I agree. I have never been a fan of the "spread", though, it has been around for several years with much success. The power running game isn't working, especially when our offensive line is average at best and opposing teams stack 8 or more in the box. The "a" gaps just aren't there for Gore or Coffee. Plus this plays to Crabtree's and Smith's strength (even though I believe that a quarterback MUST be able to play under center when needed).
Originally posted by kronik:
Originally posted by alanbeez22:
Originally posted by SJniner7:
Do any NFL teams consistently use the spread? I swear it is rarely used since it puts so much on the QB, and leaves very little protection...

i wouldn't say consistently, but appropriately! for example... COLTS!

Best example is the NE Patriots.

I would have to say the Broncos are doing it better with McDaniels. Im shocked to see even there run game is in the top.
I think we should be in the offense we had against the Texans in the 2nd half with a few more runs in there. If we can keep the opposing defense from stacking the box we can wreck havoc with gore and all the weapons we have on the outside
What we do on offense should depend on what Indy is bringing. The spread will help us with short quick passing, that was non-existent with Hill's offense. It keeps the defense honest by having to cover those outside receivers. This opens up some legit runs as well. Get some ball control going early to set the tone. Indy has a formidable defense, and for once I would like to see our coaches come up with answers for this particular team, instead of just calling plays whether they work or not. For instance, an Atlanta player said they took advantage of our speed on defense, by making us overrun the play, with misdirections. If you cant flat out outplay a team, you have to use tactics learned from the game films. We know we can come from behind now, and we sure know they can come from behind any Sunday. I say this game, if called right by us, goes down to the final minutes. I picking the niners 38-35. Yes we can!
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The offense is the same we're been running just more directed toward the Norv Turner style which likes to pass to set up the run instead of the run to setup the pass.

Gore should post big yards in this offense if the offensive line can pass protect and get the passing game going. Once we can spread the defense and take 8 men out of the box Gore has a fighting chance.
The OL doesn't look like it is getting any better this year, so it would probably be best to run an offense that doesn't put a lot of pressure on them.

Mix it up and play our teams strength and the opponent's weakness.
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