Not sure whether this should be in Niner Talk or NFL Talk but I will start it off here.
So yesterday was the 3rd International Series at Wembley Stadium between the Pats/Bucs. It was a pretty good day some good stuff in the Tailgate (3D Nfl Cinema/Hall Of Fame exhibits) followed by a decent game although fairly one sided I managed to keep updated on 49ers via iphone!

The highlight for me though was in the Tailgate party, which is a official NFL orgnaised event, there is an area dedicated to each NFL Team as I was walking round the 49ers section I noticed John York wandering around. I had my picture taken with him, he signed my ticket, offered to do my Jersey but its black so I didnt see the point, and gave me a 49ers pin badge. He seemed liked a pretty cool guy I had a brief conversation which went like this:
Me " So John how do you think we will do in Houston today"
John York "I'd rather be there but I've got to do this"

Looking back I should have asked him about the Stadium. Hopefully he was using visit to find out about new stadia

Heres some pics.

Me and John York

Fred Dean HoF Exhibit

Banta-Cain had another good game yesterday

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