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Alex Smith Haters?? Where are you?

I'll be the first to admit, based on preseason play I thought that Hill gave us the best chance to win. Honestly neither QB really impressed me, but I gave the edge to Hill.

But, I've never doubted Alex to begin with. I just thought he needed time.

....I'm hoping like hell, NOW is the time.
ken dorsey fans had alot to say after his first game too.......

until teams game planed against him.....

lets see how diffrent this "nu-smith" is from the same old sorry ass smith.

if he does not rock in a major way....its going to be a long ass rest of the season with no running game.

i dont fault sing for pulling hill

and there is no way

they dont start smith

next week.

the sad part is teams that are doing these sort of things (finding a starting qb week 6) are not normally playoff teams.

i hate that....but at least we get the answer to one more question this we draft another qb in the first round?
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Pretty interesting comment from Mario Williams:

"I didn't know who the guy was when he came out," Williams said. "I really didn't. He was getting rid of the ball on time and moving the ball."

To be Fair and Balanced

Smith said the defense was giving him some stagnant looks so he may have had an easier time moving the ball than Hill
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Yeah you see this is the type of thread that leads to multiple warnings and bannings. If you want to talk about this stuff take it to the bandwagon thread.
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