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Pashos / Spikes / Reggie Smith?

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Replacements for Pashos if he's injured for a long period of time. How about John Runyan? I know dude is old as hell and I'm not sure if he wants to play on the westside, (west coast) but he would have to be a improvement over Pashos. Does anyone have any more info on Runyan?

If Spikes can't play next week should or could A. Brooks start at MLB next to Pat Willis?

And last of all whats up with Reggie Smith, I know he's hurt but when is he coming back? I really want to see him play and see what he's made of, any info would be great.

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I would love to see this team sign Jon Runyan I live about an hour south of Philly and this guy is a gamer. He could instantly improve our OL. McKillop would start if Spikes is out, we def missed Spikes out there and I hope he can come back next week. If M.Lewis out next week Roman will go but R.Smith needs to get healthy! has this guy ever played 2 games in a row w/o getting hurt?
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