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Will Singletary continue his 1920's Offensive Philosophy?

Will Singletary continue his 1920's Offensive Philosophy?

Will he? Yes.

Should he? No.

Why will he? Because he's a man of conviction and that's the brand football he believes in.

Why shouldn't he? Because it's not 1985 any more. The rules of the game are made to strongly benefit passing the football, not running the ball. But the bigger reason why he shouldn't is this: The 49ers CAN'T run the ball... even with Frank Gore. And that says a lot about your line play. If you can't run block for Frank Gore, you can't run block period.
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Originally posted by Wubbie:
I think... this offense will continue, but we're going to slowly but surely see more intermediate-to-deep throws. The offense has been working since training camp to be power-running with shorter throws. If Alex is in there, we're going to adapt our offense around him. It'll probably take a few weeks of growing pain... and that's a tough couple weeks to get ourselves straightened out, but I'm very confident that we'll improve. It's about finding the right balance.

Completely agree. I think this offense will improve dramatically over the next couple weeks.
As happy as I am for Alex, I cannot say that I ready to make him the focal point of our offense!...GIVE ME SOME MORE!!!...Gore has proven to be consistant despite the past few subpar games. Until we have consistant play at the QB position, we need to stay the same...I will say this though...Our running game can/should/will open up our passing game! Let the defenses focus on our run game!...Let Coach Sing continue saying that offense is built around Gore!...And when the other teams start putting 7 and 8 guys in the box, we scorch him with the deep pass to keep them on their heels and open up the run game for Gore!...As long as we have consistant play from the QB position that can chuck the ball downfield, the sky is the limit!
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Sure he well....That's all he'n hard on being the worst offense in the league....again. Is Holmgren out there some
Originally posted by miked1978:
The only reason Singletary's approach isnt working is because we have NO O-LINE. Its plain and simple.

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