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Vernon Davis needs his contract extended

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
They will sign him. Don't worry. He's a very unique player with extremely rare athleticism. Now that his game is coming around he won't ever leave S.F. IMO. They will Franchise Tag him if they have to. He won't leave period. Mark my words.

All the same I would like to see him signed up ------ I could see a team like maybe Miami having some appeal.
Originally posted by Trajik1:

Gore is already locked down, Willis will be this offseason. Lets see the whole season before talking about committing big money to a TE. I do want to keep him around though.

Considering Vern's rookie contract, an extension may be a pay cut though! FA TE's don't get paid as much as the 7th pick in the draft does!
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Originally posted by hondakillerzx:
Originally posted by Oscar:
Someone will eventually play a safety over the top of Davis or bracket him with a second LB on those seam/skinny post routes we run every single time in the Red Zone. Eventually, that route is going to bite us in the butt.

I guess now with Crabtree we can throw it to someone who will catch anything one-on-one on the outside.

crabtree looked great out there. showed leaping ability, great hands, the ability to get open. as he and smith continue to learn eachothers tendencies we will start to see more YAC

Completely agree. Vernon should make the Pro Bowl at this pace. I'm sure we will extend him soon.

I am very excited about the trio of Gore/Crabtree/Davis throw in Morgan and we really have some playmakers. The OL struggles are depressing who would have thought Baas/Rachal would suck so bad? I really wish we would have signed or drafted a couple OL in the offseason.
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He'll probably demand top dollar...
They will sign him. They will Franchise Tag him when he comes up if they have to. He won't leave the 49ers.
He turned into a beast.
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Originally posted by Dajanksta:
s**t I just hope frank gore will....

Davis is in the 2nd last year of his contract.

Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by Dajanksta:
s**t I just hope frank gore will....

Lol. I just woke up. Long story. Haha
I think he will stick around for a long time. I think that he wants to play for Singletary. Just like Patrick Willis baby!

P.S. Crabtree is really fast off the line, and I love how quickly he brings the ball out of the air and cradles it. Very impressed.

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