1. The OL is not so bad if they don't have to block 9 guys, eh?
2. Motivating is not as good as running a proper system in the first place.
3. The receivers can get open if they are allowed to go out more than 11 yards.
4. Games were wasted by irrationally trying to run the smashmouth offense.
5. Clearly, modern offenses are better than those pre-war versions (WWII).
6. Raye was playing around with spread offenses. Did coach Sing know about this?
7. The best experienced QB wasn't playing.
8. The defense plays better when they think the game can be won.
9. Martz is selling plays on ebay. Raye has a paypal account.
10. Sing was indeed getting pretty nervous about his future.
11. Crabtree is good.
12. A fast running back would be a good addition.
13. Gore runs better when the defense is playing honestly.
14. Sing's offensive philosophy has been completely discredited.
15. The whole offense was crippled for Hill, which made it even harder for him.

And questions about the future:

1. Will Sing say the turnaround was due to rational offense or because he yelled at half-time?
2. Will Sing ditch the silly throwback thing and go modern?
3. Will Smith continue to have success when other teams prepare for him?
4. If Smith gets hurt, would Sing keep the good offense and go to Davis, or return to his failed old system and Hill?