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Good loss????

Yes the loss hurts but Alex looked really good so maybe the 1st half had to cost us the game to shed new light on Alex. Defense needs help though
Awesome thread
Thank you. And for the record, I wanted Alex Smith put in 2 games ago, this ain't no bandwagon
every loss is bad but positive things can be seen during the game
No such thing as a good loss. Only good wins.
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Originally posted by ninerball:
No such thing as a good loss. Only good wins.

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I have thought since Pre Season Alex was the Obvious choice to start - the only thing that could stop him from starting is Mike Singletary not being man enough to eat some crow. Shaun Hill has been his guy - He likes him because he is "crafty" or whatever bull shat word you want to use to justify him being on the roster - Alex has more talent the Hill better legs better Arm - there is nothing that Hill brings to a game that Alex doesn't do better.

Bottomline - the only thing holding Alex back is coaching - scary but it kinda is like Deja Vue. If they don't start him and let him walk to another team it will be a very painful mistake. He is not going to be a great QB but he can be good. He nearly saved this game after Hill squandered a half pump faking to no one and throwing those lame duck punts he calls passes up.
No because this team doesn't show up again in the early stages of the game.

Smith or Hill, this continues to be a problem.
Hopefully this is a stepping stone.

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